Monday, July 15, 2013

Race Recap: 4th of July Spokane Indians 5K Pennant Run

It is always a fun race when Mr. Healthy Diva agrees to participate without me having to twist his arm. I know that he doesn’t like running as much as me, but I like it when he does participate.  I think that he was excited to run this race just because he loves baseball and he would get to finish on the field. It also might have helped that our neighbor, Sean, was running it too. I was excited about the race because I figured it would be a great way to kick off the holiday weekend. Had to earn my BBQ, right? I don't think Mr. Healthy Diva was thrilled to get up early on the 4th, but he made it out of bed in time- probably only because Sean started texting him. 

I got up early enough to run an easy 1.25 miles on my TM and do some stretching before we left. My goal for the day was to try and get in some extra mileage to better prepare myself for my two upcoming relays.

When we arrived at Avista Stadium where the Spokane Indians play, the line was pretty long for pre registered participants to check in. What should have taken us only a couple of minutes took closer to 15 minutes. Once we finally got our bibs and t-shirts (the shirts were awesome) I headed out to get in some additional miles. I got in another 2.51 miles that still left me plenty of time to stretch out. The race website advertised the starting time at 10:00 am, but that was just for the kid’s fun run. The 5k didn’t start until 10:30. I ended up sitting around longer than I would have liked. 

Before the race started they gave an overview of the course which would be 3 full laps through the fair and expo grounds, finishing on the baseball field. I thought it was cool that we would get to run through the expo grounds, but 3 laps? That just sounded daunting!

Even though the course was 3 laps, I LOVED it! Just when you started to get too hot, the course looped through a couple of barns. The shade was welcomed and on each lap I looked forward to it. On one side of the stadium there was a radio station playing music and in one of the barns there was a band playing. I am not used to having bands/music for a 5K, but I thought that it was great and made for a fun race atmosphere.

On my 3rd lap I was getting hot and feeling pretty fatigued. I knew that there was no way I would catch Heidi who was in first place, but I still wanted to finish strong. As soon as I got onto the outfield to round into the finish I was surprised at how big it was. It seemed like there was still a long way to run before I could finish! I looked up and saw two females finishing and thought “what the heck?!” There was nobody in between me and Heidi so I immediately thought “cheaters!” When I crossed the finish line Heidi was already talking to them because she knew that they didn’t run the full course. They tried to play it off like it was nothing and then they admitted that they only ran two laps of the course. Don’t play dumb with me girlfriends. They finally asked the lady at the finish line to pull their bib numbers, but she said it wouldn’t matter because the only award given was to the overall male and female. Um, it kind of does matter. At least it mattered to me.

Loved having the chance to wear my "USA" ProCompression socks!

The t-shirt is a really nice tech shirt. I got a small and it runs big, but I am sure I will wear it often.

Garmin stats:
3.14 miles in 22:04
2nd OA Female/1st AG

What they could improve upon:
Earlier start time- even 9 am would be nice.
More people assisting at the check in tables. There were only two people and one list for pre registered participants. There were an additional 3-4 people assisting with race day registration and they weren’t busy. At least one of them could have helped out with pre registered check ins.
Better information on the event website about race the race day schedule.
Need to have a better way of keeping track of laps around the course.

What I loved about this race:
Great technical t-shirts
Tickets to the game/fireworks that night (we didn’t end up going).
Fun course (loved running through the barns).
Music two places on the course so you got hear music 6 different times.
Awesome finish line on the Spokane Indian’s baseball field.
Ice cold bottled water at the finish line.
Tons of post race snacks.
Really friendly volunteers and Spokane Indians employees.

My overall thoughts on this race were that it was awesome. One of my favorite 5K races to date. Already looking forward to running it again next year!



  1. Sounds like a unique race experience! Congrats on the 2nd place :) I'm so glad you and Heidi talked to those runner chicks. I can't believe they would try to get away with cheating. Not even cool.

    1. Thanks Danielle! The cheating wasn't cool and I am still irked that they were in the top 20 OA and I wasn't, but oh well. Hopefully next year they will do a better job of keeping track of laps.

  2. What a fun race! Awesome job on your award girlie!

  3. Sounds like a fun run and how did Mr. Healthy Diva do??? Also that totally sucks when people do things like that. There was an obstacle course race I did a couple of years ago and at one of the stations you had to do 50 burpees. Okay no one likes to do burpees, however there was a lady I was battling on the course with and at the time I was ahead of her. I got to the station way before her, I was on 20-something when she got there and she left before I even hit my 40th burpee. I was pissed! So I called her out on it as did every one else that she started to run by that was there before her. I think she felt really stupid but it didn't keep her from goin on with the race. Nice thing for me that it ticked me off enough to catch up with her and finally beat her at the end...stinkin cheaters!!! GRRR

    1. Mr. Healthy Diva finished in 33 or 34 minutes. I can't remember, but he did finish. I think it's safe to say he won't be running another one for a while.

      Burpees are so tough. You can't do those suckers fast. I would have been so mad at that chick. Knowing me I would have said something too. People cheat all the time at FGF too and I always want to call them out, but I don't since I go all of the time.

  4. Congrats! 2nd OA?!?!?!?! Wowsers.

    If you find any good tricks about getting in a longer run before/after a short race, let me know. This holds me back from signing up for more 5ks and 10ks.....because I am generally in marathon training, and it just seems sooooo arduous to get in long run mileage before or after a race. Maybe I'm just lazy!

    1. 2nd OA for females. :-)

      I always usually run at least a couple of miles at my easy pace before a shorter race. Gets me warmed up and ready to run. You just need to be there early enough to allow time and to get in time to stretch too.

  5. Impressive - nice kick at the end! I'm happy your friend talked to the two women. That is some shady business! Sounds like a fun race and the tshirt is so cute!

    1. Thanks Amy. The shirt is cute. On the back it says "Spokane Indians."

  6. Congrats!! Amazing time and great finish!! And I can't believe people tried to cheat -- annoying!

    1. Thanks Lora! It was super annoying the women cheated, but it is what it is. Next year hopefully it won't happen.


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