Monday, June 3, 2013

Cross training obsessed

I had a great week of workouts this week. This week was my first week in months that I went to four Farmgirlfit classes. Once I recovered from the insane Saturday class last week, I felt great. What I have learned is that I am stuck in the 85-95# range on all of my lifts. It is frustrating because I feel so close to breaking 100#s. I would love to break into the 100 range by the end of June if I can.

On the running front things appear to be going good. My legs are slowly recovering from my torturous marathon training cycle. My feet seem to be happier after figuring out what was wrong with them. I am being really cautious and easing myself into low mileage because I want my feet to heal properly.

Since I didn’t have to work I decided to go for a short run and then hit up the 12:00 pm Farmgirlfit. This was my first “official” run post marathon. I ran an easy 4.5 miles through Gonzaga and downtown Spokane before looping back up to Farmgirlfit. It took me close to a mile to start warming up. I was massively sore from the killer Saturday Farmgirlfit workout. My feet felt okay, but I felt if I had run further they would have started to ache.

FGF produced another killer workout with one of my least favorites: Turkish Get Ups (TGU).

To begin we had squat cleans 7 x 1. My max was 95#s which I feel like is a huge improvement for me. I almost was able to do 105#s, but after two failed attempts I decided I would try another time.

During the workout we were only to keep track of how many TGUs we completed.
0-3:00 TGU (used 20#s)
200 meter sprint
5:00-7:00 KB Snatch (used 25#s)
200 meter sprint
9:00- 12:00 TGU
200 meter sprint
14:00- 16:00 SDHP (“Single Deadlift High Pull”, used 35#s)
200 meter sprint
18:00- 21:00 TGU

I completed 41 TGUs. Some women said they had completed over 60 TGUs, not sure if they need to learn how to count again or not.

I had my appointment with Dr. Anderson (sports medicine physician) first thing in the morning. You can read about my diagnosis here if you missed my post last week.

I couldn’t believe I was still somewhat sore from the Saturday Farmgirlfit class. Seriously, three days later and I was still sore. I must be getting old!

The workout was tough, but quick.
5 x max bench press was what we started off with. In between each set we had a max “L” hang + 12 v-ups.
Amy got me to branch out and try level 4 for the bench press which was 85#s. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I did! I didn’t have as many reps as some people, but I really pushed myself. My reps were:

The workout was 7 rounds for time:
7 box jumps
7 wall balls (15# medicine ball)
7 butterfly sit ups
7 jumping pull ups
My total time was 11:43

I was planning on going for an easy 3-4 miles and test out the temporary met pads that Dr. Anderson gave me. I actually felt so fantastic that I pushed it to 6.12 miles. I had essentially zero foot pain and felt great. The met pads did wiggle around a little, but Dr. Anderson said that they would since they are only temporary. I think that my feet were secretly happy to be back in the Adrenaline. I hadn’t worn that shoe for almost 13 months, but it felt so good!

Got home and did 20 minutes of core work with about 12 minutes of planks and side planks thrown into the mix.


The beginning of our workout was a clean + jerk to max. I was thisclose to getting 95#s, but couldn’t quite get under the bar. I ended up maxing out at 90#s. This is a lift I truly struggle with. I didn’t do the split stance because I feel really unsteady on my back foot. Something I need to work in the future.

The workout was 3 rounds for time:
800 meter run
50 ab mat sit ups
50 back extensions

I thought that this workout looked “easy”, the joke was on me! I felt like I was going to barf on my second 800. By the third 800 I was toast.
Finished in 19:13.

OFF. I really had intentions of running to the gym after work, but by the time 4:00 pm rolled around I was toast. Went grocery shopping and then went straight home. I lead an exciting life.

I decided a week ago to throw in a 5K race on Saturday. Race went good, but I didn't PR, but I was so stinking close! Will recap later in the week.

The race was early enough that I still had time to hit the 10:30 FGF class (FGF 4 times in ONE week!). The class was brutal, but good. Laura had 5 different stations set up around the gym that had to be completed one time. Once you were done with each station you had to complete one set of the following:
10 burpees
10 reverse crunch + leg extension
10 each/side split lunges
200 meter run

The individual stations were:
20 pull ups
15 box jumps
15 medicine ball cleans (15#s)
800 meter row
20 KBS (35#)

It took me 28:13 to complete the workout. I was toast after I finished. Had to go home and take a nap!

Took Miss Laney out on the Centennial Trail and rode for 20 miles. It was freaking awesome! Definitely need to start riding more and hopefully now I will have the extra time to do so.
5 miles  21:33
5 miles 21:41
5 miles  19:14
5 miles  18:53
Total time 1:21:23

10 minutes of core

Questions for you:
Did you race over the weekend?
Do you ever have to take a nap after a hard workout?



  1. I heart crosstraining! It's the only thing that keeps me strong enough to push through runs!

    1. I love cross training almost as much as running. Who am I?!

  2. Sometimes a good 30 min power nap makes all the difference in the world and then sometimes it makes it worse the rest of the day - I wish I knew which it would be before I dose off. :)

    1. My husband takes a nap everyday. It is so not fair.

  3. I just HATE box jumps so I am going to have to give you major props for those workouts haha

    1. I highly dislike box jumps too! I am always afraid I am going to crack my shin open!

  4. Wow! You are really getting in the crossfit workouts, impressive!! And yes- I almost always need a nap after a tough workout... usually Saturday after a long run. Glad you're feeling good and recovering so well!

    1. I love the variety that crossfit offers. I always get an awesome workout in a short amount of time. Most of the time I am so spent afterwards! On the weekend sometimes I can squeak a nap in, but not during the week.

  5. Woohoo! You are killing it, girl!!

  6. Your cross training is so inspiring! A 20 mile ride is a long way- and a serious calorie burn. Great job, lady!!
    Enjoy the time between schedules :)

    1. Thanks Raina. I think I might love cross training just as much as running. Crazy!

  7. Gosh. You are inspiring with all your cross training! I don't do very much currently and is the reason I probably get injured each year. I'm so impressed with the FGF classes you do- I don't even know half the lifts/movements you are doing. Naps are awesome post workout!

    1. FGF has been the BEST thing for me. My coach (EX coach) was very anti about me joining at first, but it really has helped my running. The workouts are so challenging, but they are all different. I always feel like a I need a nap post workout, but I never have time. Not enough hours in the day!

  8. Again, we are so alike. After I finish marathon training, all I want to do is STRENGTH train! It's so important to find a class/routine you like, and it sounds like you have :) Makes all the difference in the world!

    1. Cross training and adding strength is so important for us. I used to be very anti cross training or just lazy about it. Now I can't imagine not having it.

  9. I actually took a nap after my 9mi on Saturday morning... first time I've ever done that. I definitely have a cross training intensive marathon training plan - Time to step up that aspect :)

    1. 9 miles is a long way to run. I think anything over 6 on a Saturday morning deserves a nap. :-)

  10. Haha, if I make it to the grocery store on Friday after work, I celebrate... in my sweats! I'm impressed! And those med-pads sound awesome

    1. I always try to cram too many things into my weekends. There are never enough hours in the day. Weekends are way too short.

      I still haven't gotten the real inserts for my shoes yet. They haven't come in yet. GRRRR.

  11. I LOVE naps after hard workouts! LOL! I work out every morning and SOMETIMES I have to crawl right back into bed when I am done, LOL!! My mid-morning nap, I like to call it. Oh the joys of working from home! Ah ha ha!

    1. When I used to work out super early I would sometimes come home and snooze for an extra 20-30 minutes. That time was awesome- it felt like another hour. IF I could work at home I would nap all the time. :-)


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