Monday, April 22, 2013

San Francisco: The LAST recap

Okay, I am back from my little blogging break. Just needed sometime away from social media for a while. Getting caught up on blogs as we speak. :-)

If you missed my previous San Francisco posts here they are:

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I failed to post a picture that A and I actually DID get together....You can see the photo that I pieced together on the recap #4

After my race we walked back to our hotel which was close to 3 ½ miles away. The walk back was interesting because we somehow found our way into the “real” China Town. Not the tourist part. Saw some interesting things. Later we told our cab driver how far we walked and he said that we were “CRAZY”. I agreed, but Mr. Healthy Diva was being cheap and didn’t want to pay a cab. Walking that far after having run the hilliest/hardest half marathon of my life was not fun. My shins were screaming expletives at me!

Here are some photo high lights from our last 36 hours in San Francisco:

Lombard Street

Ghiradelli Square

Hills, Hills, Hills…..

The view down the hill we just trekked up

Mr. Healthy Diva WAS NOT impressed with the hills!

Kara’s Cupcakes

In n Out Burger

Gorgeous flowers on Market Street

Boudin Bread Bowl

All in all I absolutely loved San Francisco. Thank you to Brooks Running for allowing me the opportunity to run the RNR race. It made for a very fun race-cation! I am already looking forward to planning my next adventure.....



  1. Nothing like a racecation filled with great food and sights! :)

  2. It really does look like you guys had a great time in San Francisco! :) Thanks for sharing Tasha :)

  3. Those hills are seriously insane!!!! LOVE in and out burger! :)

  4. Ah it looks amazing!! That bread bowl looks incredible :)

  5. Tasha, I am so glad you got a chance to have a little race-cation with your hubs. What a special weekend! How are your shins now?

  6. It all looks and sounds like lots of fun - as you say, a perfect race-cation. It sounds like you really needed it too. I'm looking forward to hearing about your latest marathon now!


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