Sunday, December 9, 2012

#elf4health: Week 2 Recap

This week did not go very good for me. I have been stressed to the max with a lot of different things that are going on. I was so busy this last week that I just felt overwhelmed every single day. It's no fun to try and fall asleep at night when you have a million things to think about getting ready for the next day. These next couple of months are really going to test me. I really need to thank Lindsay for being such a great Elf and giving me ideas and encouragement throughout the week. Even though she won't be my elf for the next two weeks I still plan on keeping in touch with her. Thanks for being so great Lindsay!

Monday- track my fiber
I started out good and then they day went south pretty quick and I got too busy to track. This was a day where I missed my lunch yet again and just had zero appetite all day. For the first time in my life I am losing my appetite with stress and not stress eating. UGH.

Tuesday-Have a salad and make your own dressing
I did really good on this one! I love mixing salsa with plain Greek yogurt. I made a taco salad and used mango pineapple salsa with the Greek yogurt. So yummy!

Wednesday- Pack a healthy snack for a friend
I put some kids cliff bars in the break room where I work. 

Thursday-Try a new exercise
Thursday is my running day and I lifted pretty hard the night before in FGF so I kept it light and easy. Not necessarily a new workout, but it since I usually don't lift and run in the same day it was a new concept. :-)

Friday- Go make up free
I will admit I put on some very, very, very light foundation. I work in a very professional environment where the no make up thing probably wouldn't fly. The CEO's office is literally right down the hall from mine...I wouldn't want to scare the guy!

Weekend- Plan your meals and workouts for the next week
I am working on that right now. I already know what my workouts are because I have a training schedule from Matt, but I just need to plan out my food. 

Questions for you:

If you are participating in #elf4health how was your week 2???


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