Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend in Pictures & #ErikaDID

The weekend went by way to fast, but at least I have a short work week and then it is off to Oregon to visit my family. Mr. Healthy Diva was gone all weekend so I was able to get the house squeaky clean, run all of my errands in record time, and start packing for our long weekend away.

I was trying to blog Saturday morning and Tia wasn't having it. She kept laying across the laptop keyboard. 

Tia & Maisy were leaving everyone blog love Saturday morning

Hit my highest weekly mileage since April!!!! Ended up with 20.08 miles in the bank. 

Post run I chilled in the hot tub and drank my Nuun. I have been pretty sore from Farmgirlfit.

Saturday afternoon I got my hair done! Added some brown and some bangs- kept the length. Mr. Healthy Diva actually likes it!!!!

Sunday afternoon I baked pumpkin spice muffins- they are amazing!!!!

I even made 1/2 with mini chocolate chips- soooo good!
Here is the recipe that Angela shared:

In between baking and packing I was glued to my computer screen to track Erika and IM Arizona! Tia was even watching. 

There she is is!!! Official finishing time of 12:19:04!!!!!

Watching the live stream of people finishing was absolutely incredible. I got really choked up!!!! It was so inspiring to watch everyone cross the finish line after completing a grueling 140.6 miles. Erika's smile was amazing, I was so proud of her! #ErikaDID

Questions for you:

Did you have a fun weekend?
Are you traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday too? 


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