Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Truckin' along

It has been going. Not the greatest, but I am still making some progress every week. That is something to be thankful for! I am still under the strict direction of Matt and following his training plan to the “T”. The previous two weeks were the most significant increase in my mileage. My new plan calls for an even bigger mileage increase AND a pace increase. When I say mileage increase, think conservative. I am still running less than 20 miles per week. 

Here is an example of what my running plan looks like:
Friday: 4 x 1 miles at 8:00-8:30 pace (7.5-7.0 mph) with 1 min breaks between

Sunday: 8 x 800m intervals (9 mph for 3:20 w/ 3:20 rest between)

Tuesday: 5 mile continuous run at  8:00-8:30 pace (7.5-7.0 mph)

Each week my 800s increase, but everything else stays the same. By the end of this particular plan I will be up to 10 x 800 repeats.  Each week also follows the same type of workout format. Nothing crazy.

I have a follow up appointment to meet with Matt this Thursday. It is hard for me to see my progress, but thankfully he always does. I am excited to show him how much I think that I have improved since our last meeting over a month ago. I am going to meet him at his office so that he can create a video analysis of my stride. I am still concerned that I haven’t fully grasped the concept of forefoot running. I don’t know how many more YouTube videos I can watch, it just hasn’t come together yet. Almost, but not quite.

The super frustrating thing is that I still get an occasional foot cramp in the arch of my left foot. This comes and goes. I find that I am more likely to get the cramping if my stride is too long or if I don’t allow myself ample recovery time in between workouts. Still nobody seems to be overly concerned with it so I will just keep truckin’  along. 

In my cross training world, I officially joined Farmgirlfit last night. For at least the 1st month I opted for the unlimited package ($139 per month) so I can go as often as I like and to any class. I am hoping that this will hold me accountable and get me back on track which I so desperately need. Mr. Healthy Diva wasn't thrilled that I went with the expensive package so I had to mention that we haven't had a gym membership in 10 months and that when he did his big career change recently I made some major sacrifices for him. Sorry honey, but your wifey is going to be selfish for once. I need this for me and trust me I will make use of that unlimited pass. Trust me. 


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