Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wanna Race?!

I met with Matt last night so that we could do a running workout and he could check up and see how my drills are going. Every week even though I don't think I am improving, he says that I am. I am glad that he can see the difference! I am lucky to have such a great coach to work with!

My drills are going good- he just wants me to pick up the speed on a couple of them now that I have gotten them down better. The running is going GREAT! Last night we did 6 X 800 meters with a 1:00 min recovery on the track. It was HOT and I felt like I was going to die. Little did I know, I was running the repeats much faster than I thought. Granted, it is not the "fast" I was experiencing before this whole compartment syndrome fiasco, but it was pretty darn good for having zero speed work since before the Eugene Marathon in April. I still have a lot of work to do on my form, but it is much improved.

I wore my new Mizuno Wave Riders (stay tuned for my Mezamashii Project post!!!!) for 1/2 of the workout. I am not sure if I just didn't have them broken in enough or if my sock had a ridge over the ball of my foot, but I had to take them off and put my Ghost 5s on. Typically I would have worn the Wave Riders around the house more, but I was anxious to try running in them. The Wave Riders are a little over 1 oz lighter than my Ghosts, which is crazy!!!! I was able to finish the remainder of my workout and felt pretty good. I am glad that I brought my Ghosts just in case I needed them.

As we were leaving I asked Matt if I could still run a 5K in September. I have my eye on one that is scheduled for September 23rd. He told me that it sounded great and that I could sign up for it if I wanted. What really surprised me is that he said I could run the Hot Summer Nights 5K on August 22nd!!! That is NEXT WEEK!!!! I was shocked! I still haven't decided if I want to run it, but it is cheap. Only $5 for a timed race. The only thing that is holding me back is I feel somewhat uncomfortable going to a race where I know I am not 100% and will know a lot of people. I am also just scared to race which makes me laugh. Tasha is scared to race?!?! I knew that the day would come where I could race, but now that is here, I am freaking out! Go figure.

I will think about it and decide over the weekend if I want to sign up. Until then I am going to keep trucking along and get prepared for the 5K on September 23rd. I am also eyeing a 10K in October at the Spokane Marathon.

Woohoo- It is officially comeback time!!!!
I celebrated last night with this yummy treat. If you haven't tried the B & J Greek frozen yogurt you have to. It is amazing!!!! I also bought the Peanut Butter Banana which totally rocked my world!

Questions for you:

Should I run the 5K next week even though it freaks me out?
How long do you wait before you use a new pair of shoes in a workout?
How do you break in your new running shoes?
Have you tried the B & J frozen Greek yogurt yet? 


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