Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Running, running, running….

I have actually been getting some mileage these days- Woohoo! I have been improving so much over the last couple of weeks, I feel like a brand new runner! At the end of June I was running for around 10 minutes- 200 meter run, 100 meter walk. My last workout totaled 45 minutes! 800 meter run, 1:00 minute walk. I still can’t imagine running a half or full marathon, but I am working towards it. J

It was a difficult decision, but I decided against running that 5K last week (8/22). I wanted to see how my running workouts outside in my neighborhood loop went before I made my final decision. Friday (8/17) night went okay, but I felt awful because it was so hot outside. On Monday (8/20) something in my leg and foot didn’t feel quite right. I wasn’t sure if I was experiencing symptoms related to compartment syndrome so I ended up calling the workout quits and walked/jogged the last ½ mile back to my house. My shin didn’t ache, but just felt weird (sorry I can’t really explain it!) and my left foot had some cramping in the arch. Nothing serious, but it really freaked me out. I felt like bawling my eyes out when I got home because I was only thinking of the worst case scenarios. After an hour of calming myself down I finally texted Matt and told him what had happened. Thankfully he didn’t seem too concerned about it since I hadn’t been experiencing any symptoms on previous workouts. His suggestion was to stick to the track or my TM and transition a little more slowly to road running. With that advice I thought the 5K wouldn’t be the smartest decision.

Since last Monday (8/20) I have felt great! I haven’t experienced any weird or odd pains in my left shin or foot. On Wednesday (8/22) I ran on the track…Friday (8/24), Sunday (8/26) & Tuesday (8/28) I ran on my TM at home. I am keeping up a pretty good pace for all of my 800 repeats. They are all 7:00 min/mile. Matt is planning on getting me into some light running workouts the beginning of September and then we will see how that goes. My long term goal no longer includes Boston 2013 unfortunately (more on that decision later). I think if everything continues to go as planned I will run the Windermere Marathon in Spokane on May 19th. Boston 2014: you are in my sights!

Loving my new Mizuno Wave Riders & my Brooks Pure Connects. I have been using them for every workout. Like the one legged compression sleeve look? I am trying to start a new fashion fad. Haha.

Of course, maybe I wasn’t meant to be a marathoner. This thought crosses my mind weekly. Maybe having compartment syndrome was a rude way of telling me I shouldn’t run marathons? Maybe I should stick to the 5K-half marathon distances? I guess that only time will tell if this is true….

I meet with Matt again tomorrow (Thursday) or maybe not until next week. It hasn't officially been decided. I know that I have made more progress so I am hoping that he will release me to run something other than 800s. At first I was bored with the 200s, then the 300s, then the 600s, and now the 800s. Have you ever ran 10 x 800s before? It is mentally challenging!

I am still planning on the 5K that is on September 23rd. The course is an out & back on the Centennial Trail and relatively flat. I have run that portion of the trail enough that I feel comfortable with it. I haven’t officially registered for the race yet. If my next workouts go as planned then I will register after this weekend. J


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