Friday, July 27, 2012

The bike ride that never happened

I have been stressed to the max over the last two weeks. My job has been incredibly stressful and to make matters worse my husband was been in Arizona for his new job since Sunday. I was supposed to meet Matt at the track last night, but he had to cancel at the last minute which was fine because I was going to be stuck at work way later than I had originally anticipated. When I finally got off around 5 pm I headed straight for the track to go through my running drills and run my 10 x 300 repeats. I usually don’t feel comfortable running in my sports bra, but it was a hot 93 degrees and I had no shame last night. Luckily for the most part I was the only person on the track. J

After I got home and played with the pups I decided to go ahead and load my bike up in the back of my husband’s truck to go for a ride on the Centennial Trail. I had done the same thing on Tuesday night and it worked out great. I figured I was already a hot & sweaty mess so why not go for a 90 minute bike ride before dinner?

I was almost to the exit on I90 that I needed to take when I noticed his truck was driving odd. I realized I was losing power and fast. Thankfully I was in the right hand side of the freeway so I was able to pull off on the exit on ramp. I pulled over and put the hazards on and then turned the truck off. The girl in me was thinking “I turn it off, then turn it back on and everything will work…right???” Um, not so much. When I went to start the truck again it made an awful noise and smelled like burnt oil (or something…it obviously wasn’t going to start). GREAT. I was now stuck on I90 with no AC- I was sweating bullets!!!!!

 I called my husband in Arizona to see what he would like me to do (call a tow truck, call his dad, etc.) He was no help what so ever, but told me to call his dad. His dad didn’t answer so I googled a couple of tow truck companies in Spokane. The first one didn’t have any tow trucks available and the second one didn’t accept AAA. I decided to call AAA even though my card was at home (THANK YOU MOM FOR KEEPING MY AAA RENEWED!!!!!!!) and thankfully they were able to pull up my information and send a tow truck. This was about 6:50 pm and they said it could take up to 60 minutes for a tow truck to arrive. By this time I had guzzled my bottle of Nuun and my bottle of water and I was dying of the heat. Within 20 minutes the tow truck had arrived and I was beyond grateful. The driver was sooooooo nice! By 7:45 I was back home with my husband’s truck in the driveway.

Needless to say my bike ride never happened.

**My father in law was coming over today to look at the truck before my husband gets home tonight. Originally they thought a belt had slipped, but I checked and can confirm they were all intact. Not good.



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