Thursday, June 28, 2012

The BEST News

Yesterday was the BIG DAY!!! I was a nervous wreck ALL DAY. At about 2:30 yesterday I felt like I was going to throw up-there were so many thoughts scrambled in my head. What was Dr. Anderson going to say? Had I done enough & worked hard enough at PT? Was I going to be able to start running? More importantly, I was going to avoid surgery????? After taking a couple of deep breaths and maybe a chill pill or two I started to feel better. Once I got to his office he was running a bit behind since I was his last appointment of the day. Fine with me, but just added to the suspense build up. Thanks to all of my twitter friends for your well wishes and words of encouragement yesterday, twitter kept me occupied while I was anxiouisly awaiting. follow up with Dr. Anderson went even better than expected. He GAVE ME PERMISSION TO START RUNNING!!!!!!! Obviously I won't be running a lot and it will be slow, but I can start. He said I won't be running for fitness for at least 5 weeks and I am okay with that. I was just so excited just to hear that I can start running (can you tell?!). I was especially excited when he told me that it shouldn't be a problem for me to run Ragnar with NUUNKOTB. That was the cherry on the cupcake, seriously. This is a weekend that I have really been looking forward to and meeting some of my teammates in Seattle over the weekend just made me that much more excited to run with them.

I am ecstatic that I was able to avoid surgery. It just goes to show that sometimes hard work, listening (!!!!!), and going to PT and a chiropractor can make a huge world of difference. Patience has never been my virture, but patience usually pays off. Another lesson well learned. Dr. Anderson, Todd, Susan & Matt have all been wonderful during this process. Again, I feel so fortunate to have had each of them on my side with my best interests. THANK YOU!!!!!!

A dorky vlog

Tonight I am meeting with Matt to start covering some land based running drills. I still need to work on improving my running form so that hopefully I won't have this problem again. Compartment Syndrome  isn't fun, it hurts! I will also need to continue a lot of the stretching that Matt has given me to keep my hips loosened up. I can deal with that, I probably should have been stretching more in the first place.

I don't exactly what I will be running, but I know that it won't be much for the first couple of weeks. I probably won't be running for fitness until August which means St. George is going to be entirely out of the question for me. Once I talk to Matt I will have a better understanding of what lies ahead. Maybe I will be able to run CIM again in December? More on this to come. :-)

Today would have marked my 40th day of no running, but instead I will be lacing up running shoes. HOORAY!!!!!


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