Friday, April 13, 2012


I have a new term I like to use. It is called "TGIFF". I don't' want to say what the additional "F" stands for, but you can only imagine.

Crazy, busy week for me. I am exhausted and enjoying my coffee on what looks to be a beautiful Friday the 13th. I am hoping that the weather stays nice for the weekend so I can wear shorts.

My foot still aches a bit, but nothing worse. I had a really crummy workout on Wednesday night. I just wasn't feeling it and my foot hurt and my complaints could go on an on....My co-worker mentioned that maybe I should email my PCP and ask if he had any Celebrex samples I could try instead of taking ibuprofen. I decided to email him and luckily he had some samples for me. I took 400 mg yesterday since it was my first dose. Within 90 minutes, I had absolutely zero foot pain!!!! It says to take 200 mg everyday so I am hoping that this "miracle pill" will get me through Eugene in one piece. He kindly gave me enough pills just for that reason. I guess he doesn't want anymore panicked emails from me (haha)! This morning my foot feels the best it has in two weeks---so keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

Yesterday I ordered these shorts from Brooks. They look comfortable and I thought that they might be good for the Eugene Marathon.

I also ordered another pair of shorts to try out. When I went to check out it said if I spent $13 more I could get free shipping. Debated for less than a second and threw in the black Brooks arm warmers too! Ha!
Fast forward a couple of hours later and I get an email from Brooks saying that this particular style of shorts is out of stock. WHAT?! It is a brand new style of shorts, how can they already be out of stock??!! I decided to email them back asking if the shorts are just back ordered and when I could re-order them OR should I go up a size and get the medium. I get an email back from them saying that they will respond to my inquiry in 1-2 business days and to have a wonderful day and Run Happy. WTH?! No, I am not having a wonderful day now and I am going to run pissed off!!! I was thinking 1-2 business days would mean they would contact me on Monday. UGH. Luckily, I did receive a response to my inquiry later that evening. Apparently their is an issue with the manufacturer that needs to be resolved and they aren't anticipating the shorts to become available for another month. Okay. I can deal with that. I guess. Still I am totally bummed. At least when I checked this morning they had removed the shorts from their website. 

I have recently been reading some inspirational books to get me pumped up for Eugene. I recently just finished this RUN! by Dean Karnazes. It was a pretty good book, but it didn't really pull me in. Still I finished it in about a week.

A couple of weeks ago I pre-ordered 14 Minutes by Alberto Salazar. I was excited when it downloaded to my Kindle this week. I had just finished reading RUN! and jumped right into it. So far I am hooked on it. I am excited to continue reading it and will probably finish it this weekend.

On another random note, it is officially 16 days before the Eugene Marathon!!!!!

Questions for you:

Anyone have fun weekend plans?
Are you freaked out that it is Friday the 13th?
Will you read 14 Minutes?



  1. LOL, "I'm going to run pissed off!!!" Too freaking funny! Let's see I'm going to run probably 3 miles tomorrow and 10 on Sunday! Don't have anything else planned but I'm sure it will be fun :) Friday the 13th does not scare me at all. Have not heard about 14 minutes but I'll have to check it out. Have a great weekend!!

  2. I'm obsessed with Brooks shorts-the Infinity III and I have to special order them every time from my running store because for whatever reason, they only carry the Epiphany! (which kinda looks like the pic here)
    Celebrex can absolutely be a wonder drug. But be CAREFUL-it does a number on your intestines so always always drink a full glass of water and eat something (even a few bites) with it.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the Celebrex. I hope to only use it sparingly just to get me through 4/29.

  3. I actually find friday the 13th lucky! (usually) hope i didn't just jinx myself!

  4. the big day's getting closer...hehe!! :) i could read pretty much anything on running, but i have to agree i'm not a huge Dean K his other book and it wasn't one of my top picks. i respect the guy, but he's really full of himself in my opinion...i dunno.

    that said i am a HUGE al salaz fan, and i'm so all over his latest book. ;)

    1. I totally agree with your comment on Dean. It took me a while to get into both of his books and I find him to be annoying.

  5. I almost managed to forget it was Friday the 13th, which is quite unlike me! But I share that TGIFF feeling sometimes and I hope your weekend is good enough to help you forget last week by Monday :)

    How exciting for your marathon too - the new shorts look great.

    1. I wouldn't have known it was Friday the 13th if someone the day before hadn't said something. I am in such a space cadet zone right now that everything flies right over my head these days.


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