Sunday, February 12, 2012

Partners in Pain: Race Recap

Thank you for all of your wonderful well wishes for today!!! It made my day even better knowing that I had so much good luck on my side.

Me pre race :-)

I did a slight outfit change because it was STILL raining so I figured I should wear a hat....

I was able to get a short warm up completed before 10 am, however due to a massive house fire a block away, the race was delayed so that people could move their vehicles. After standing around for an additional 10 minutes, I was freezing to death! 

I was a little unsure of my pacing, but a bunch of SUPER FAST women showed up so I figured if I could hang with them I was golden. I stuck to them like glue until the turn around and even ended up passing one of them whom I have never, ever beat in a race before. I was feeling AWESOME....until mile 2.5. At that point I was DONE. My legs felt like freaking bricks! I didn't even want to look at my Garmin. I could see the finish line...but it seemed sooooooo faaaaaar awwwwwaaaaaaayyyyy. I knew I wouldn't pass the lady in front of me so I just held it together so I didn't get passed. I crossed the finish line in what seemed like 10 minutes and thought I was going to collapse. I couldn't even pull my # off. I was a blubbering little mess! LOL. My hubby surprised me at the finish and even brought me Gatorade. He gets double brownie points for that. 

My hubby got this finishing shot of least I had a cute outfit, right? 

That Garmin Stats:

Avg Pace

Yep, I died!!!!! I don't even really care either. This race is not my BIG picture race AND it was my tempo workout from Friday. My tempo called for 3 miles at 6:34 so this was perfect. I must add that this was a 2:07 5K PR for me!!!!!!

This was my wonderful partner & friend Angie. She is a crazy fast marathoner and doesn't like 5Ks either. Even though we both had great times (Angie was 22:xx) we didn't place because they only award the top co-ed teams. Boo!

The race verdict? 
I got my PR finishing in a time of 20:21 (Official)
I don't like 5Ks....they hurt. What in the heck was I thinking???!!!
I beat someone who I never have beat before
I was the 5th or 6th female OA....still need to see the results online. 
I got schooled by a guy pushing a double stroller, FML. 
I think I will stick to 1/2 and full marathons

Questions for you:

Do you ever start a race and think what in the heck am I doing???!!!!



  1. You did great Tasha! Some days will be better than others and that is proven because the weather or how you feel on the day have an effect on you. Um, I must say that last year I did a 5k and the 1st mile I went out at 6:02...way too fast, then asked myself..WTF am I doing? yes, it happens.

    1. Thanks Donna. I definitely said WTF & FML a couple of times. The stuff we do to Most people can't believe we pay $$$$ for that. :-)

  2. Great job on a new pr! What a super fast time. 5ks are brutal, they used to be my favorite distance and then I discovered half marathons.

    1. Oh, I completely agree with you. I think I'm officially a 1/2 marathon gal

  3. Good job today. Gosh, 5ks are painful! :)

    1. Lol, they are awful aren't they? I will take a 1/2 any day over a 5k. Sheesh, my lungs still hurt from all of my huffing and puffing and gasping for air.

  4. Wow, that is fantastic! Congrats on a great overall placement and PR - woohoo! Um, yeah, I think I'd rather run a marathon than a 5k! ;)

  5. Awesome!! Well done (even if it sucked)! :)

  6. Amazing!!!! And, I gotta say that I just love that I know where you're running :) LOVE running on South Hill! That is where you are, right?? Looks like my favorite road to run on. Love it!

    1. Yep! I live by Lincoln favorite route is a huge loop from Glenrose down High Drive and through Manito. Or if I'm feeling crazy I run that route and then the Bloomsday course and home. That would be a 20 miler.

  7. Awesome job Tasha!! I think I thought "What am I doing?" once I started feeling out of it on mile 2. You did great and yes your outfit was super cute! :)

  8. I do that all the time, especially with 5ks. The pace is too fast for me and usually I'm spent after about 3! I much prefer 10s and halfs.

    Good job on your race- thats a flash time!

    1. Thanks Josie. I agree 5Ks are much too fast! Yuck!!!!!


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