Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week in review

Less than a week until I am on vacation and one week until Houston. :-)

Monday: off

Tuesday: Easy 2 miles before SJ class. Spin after work. We did the "jump street" workout in spin. Ouch- that's all I can say. I also did some light lifting and abs.

Wednesday: Working on some speed!
WU: 20 minutes, 2.32 miles
5 * 1000 meters with 2 minute recovery
CD: 10 minutes, 1.18 miles

Thursday: SJ class and spin after work AND some light lifting and abs. Working on my pea shooters!

Friday: I was not feeling this run AT ALL. I was exhausted by the time I got home from work and just wanted to lay on the couch. My hubby tried to talk me out of going to the gym, which gave me more of a reason to go (thanks Cam). My workout was supposed to be 3 mile tempo at my 5K race pace. I "guessed" my 5K race pace because I haven't ran a 5K in probably 2 years. Lets just say that this workout hurt. I have a feeling that my 5K next month will hurt more than my marathon!

WU: 2 miles
Tempo: 3 miles
CD: 1 mile

Avg Pace

I was hoping that this workout would help me gauge what my 5K race pace SHOULD be. I still don't have a clue and I don't want to go out too fast and then die. Do you think that 6:45 pace would be okay????

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 8 mile run. I thought that this run would be a disaster because the first 2 miles were awful. My legs were really tight and I was feeling tired/dehydrated. After the 2 mile mark I started to loosen up and felt much better. I was shocked when I got home and looked at my Garmin- 8.01 miles in 59 flat. WooHoo! I think that I am officially ready for Houston. Speaking of is my race outfit. :-)

Made the skirt on Saturday. I will pair the top with my black NIKE visor and my black compression sleeves. 

I also finished my 2nd collage and my wonderful hubby hung them up on the wall for me. I think that they turned out pretty good!

Weekly Mileage: 23.01

Questions for you:

Did everyone have a good training week? 
What do you do with your race numbers and awards?
Does anyone else think that a 5K hurts more than a marathon?
Who is going to be in Houston next weekend?????



  1. Best of luck to you!!!

    My medals are hanging on a coat hook on the back of my bedroom door, because I can't think of anything better to do with them. My race bibs are all stuck in a box of memento-type-stuff in my nightstand.

    It's really hard to compare 5Ks & marathons! The only race where I've actually thought I might not live through the experience was a 5K, but at least it was over quickly & I felt normal again pretty quickly.

  2. Tasha you’re going to kill your 5k!! I would run negative splits but I like running negative splits so that might just be me :) My training has been good this week, most running miles post baby for my long run and week, Yippee!! I have all my race stuff in a box, haha, I like what you did with your collage, I may just have to copy you ;) Not sure about what hurts more since my most recent races have been a half and 10k and I only ran 100 and 300 meters in High School. Not going to Houston but GOOD LUCK GIRL YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK IT!! :)

  3. Are you kidding me?? You are way faster than a 6:45 pace. You do all your workouts faster than I do mine and to run your 1000 in the time that you do...this tells me that your 5k pace should be at least 6:25 or under IMO. I would go out at a 6:25 and hold on and then give it all you got at the end. And this would be conservative. If you want to go out slower than no slower than 6:30 for sure. That is just from reading about the times you list with workouts. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Amanda. It has been so long since I have raced a 5K that I am feeling a little lost! I am going to take your advice and start out at a 6:25 and hopefully I won't die. :-)

  5. I hate 5ks. Yes, I think they hurt more than marathons but the difference is the duration of the pain is MUCH shorter! :) I'll do them so I can gauge my fitness level, but I would never 'race' a 5k for 'fun'. Not for me! :) You are doing so great, Tasha! keep it up. love your race collages!

  6. Wow, you are fast! You are going to ROCK it! One of my co-workers is heading there this week, trying to BQ. I love your collage. I have all my bibs in a folder and my medals are hanging from a hook. I need to get organized! Best of luck in Houston!

  7. Headed to Houston to give Desi a run for her money? Hehe, good luck, your race outfit is fab. I love that you made the skirt.

    I like your collages. My bibs are all in a book...I'm liking yours better.

  8. Thanks Julie! You are so right about the duration of pain being a lot shorter- that is a great way to look at it at least. I also think that a 5K is a good gauge of your fitness level. I am contemplating running a 5K on 1/21 depending on how late our plane gets back from Houston. The 5K I signed up for in February is ran with a partner and I don't want to let her down! The 5k on 1/21 could be a practice run...

    Kim--Definitely going to least tray and chase Desi down for a photo op or autograph. Wish me luck! :-)


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