Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012--What not to do!

Like most people, I created a list of new years resolutions for 2012. I kept my list simple so that I would have a better chance at sticking to them. I try to be successful at everything and do, so if I don't follow through with a resolution it kind of makes me feel bad....or guilty.

According to Kelly had a great idea of making a list of things she wouldn't do in 2012 instead of making a list of resolutions. After reading her blog, it got me to think "what will I not do in 2012???"

I will not stop:

loving my family & friends
spoiling my fur babies
trying to be a better athlete/runner
obsessing about clothes/shoes
being a bookworm
dreaming big
drinking coffee everyday
missing Oregon
getting my monthly massage
trying to organize everything
playing chef and cooking new recipes
enjoying photography
watching my guilty pleasure reality TV shows
attempting to be crafty
baking delicious treats
loving myself
taking a deep breath and relaxing
listening to what matters most
enjoying a weekly Sbux treat
loving carbs
baking my fur babies cookies
making myself a better person
enjoying a glass of red wine
being spontaneous

What will you not do in 2012?

Do you stick with your new year's resolutions?



  1. I love this!!! Made me smile :)

  2. I need to stop getting a monthly massage! that one is AWESOME!


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