Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So much to do, so little time

This week is dragging by for multiple reasons. The #1 reason being that I am so freaking excited to go home (OREGON) for Christmas this year. I have so much stuff to get done between now and Friday. To make matters worse, I seemed to have "tweeked" my left knee just a touch. Moving quickly or laterally causes discomfort. Ugh, what a not so great time to have this happen. Is there ever really a great time to be injured? I didn't think so....

My "to do" list keeps getting longer, but I plan on tackling a lot of stuff tonight. Allie the Acura needs a check up at Oil Can Henry's and I need to gather up some stuff for the girls as well as starting some laundry for myself. I started to pile up stuff last night (clothes, camera, IPOD etc.). I want to be able to hit the road fairly early Friday afternoon since it is the longest drive ever. Takes even longer with the girls.

I signed up to take a spin class tonight. I am hoping that the non impact cardio will be good right now. This is the worst time to not be able to run when there is C-A-N-D-Y & C-O-O-K-I-E-S everywhere. This was supposed to be my first week back to training so that I would be ready for Houston in January. Hopefully taking it easy/resting and icing will make me knee feel better.


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