Sunday, December 18, 2011

My week in a nutshell

I have been sore all week and it has been wonderful. Since I am in recovery mode, I have been able to partake in classes that I have been missing out on for months. I did get in some easy running which was great. I wasn't worried about my pace or distance. I. Just. Ran.

I started to work on a half marathon training plan for Houston. Talk about a headache! I am glad that I wrote it out in pencil, because I did more erasing then I did planning. Sheesh.

Monday: Day Off. I am still trying to keep this as my "off" day.

Tuesday: SJ class AND a 45 minute spin class.

Wednesday: 5 mile run AND TRX class. My hubby made the comment that I am looking pretty buff these days.....Hmmmm.The run was great. There is nothing like running in Spokane with a fresh dusting of snow and Christmas lights everywhere. It was beautiful!

Thursday: SJ class AND a 45 minute spin class. SJ class was tough!!!! Lotsa lunges and ab work.

Friday: First double run workout! Got up early so I could take the hubby to to the club at 5:15. Ran 3 miles on the treadmill, lifted some weights, and then worked on my wanna be six pack. I am trying to make more of an effort to do some lifting on my own when I have time, it isn't easy. I don't really like lifting weights all that much.

After work I got home and went for another run. I had intended on running at least 6 miles on my treadmill. However, my knee has been a touch sore so I figured I shouldn't push it so I only ran 1.40 miles. I was slightly bummed, but figured I should take it easy on my poor knee.

Saturday: I braved the crowds and got ALL of my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped.

Kudos to me (yes the fireplace is a pseudo Christmas tree since we opted to not get a tree this year. No this isn't a fire hazard because we aren't using the fireplace right now)

I have decided that these are legal crack. 

I also bought myself a present because I figured I earned a "treat" for putting up with the insane crowds

Sunday: Meet my fabulous workout partner in crime, Angie, at the club so we could run the Partners in Pain course. She has so graciously offered to be my partner for this race in February. We ran a touch over 7 miles and chit chatted the whole. It was a nice change to have someone to run with. :-)

Total weekly mileage: 16.22
Spin classes: 2
TRX: 1


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  1. Nice week! Cute shoes! Thoses candy cane kisses look tasty :P
    Glad you have a partner for PnP, I'll be seeing you there :)
    Merry Christmas!


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