Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running in a winter wonderland

We officially have the first snow storm in the record books. The first snow is always the worst because people forget how to drive in it and act like complete idiots. Friday night made for some interesting driving because the roads were a solid sheet of ice. Even in my husband's 4WD Titan we were sliding around every where. Semi trucks were chaining up in downtown Spokane and getting on the freeway was not even a possibility.

This video made national news last year from Spokane- this is the best way to describe how bad the roads were on Friday night. 

Anyways, with all of the snow outside it meant that my last long run (13 miles) would either have to be outside in the snow or on the treadmill. I decided to buck up and do my run outside. I am glad that I did because it was gorgeous outside. It was a little chilly (18 degrees) but I managed to stay warm enough. 

As I was running a long, I found an IPOD in the snow! I almost stepped on it because you could hardly see it. It wasn't near any homes so I picked it up. After I got home I plugged it into my IPOD dock to let it charge. I am going to see if the person's name is in it somewhere so that I can try and return it. If not, looks like I just got a new IPOD.

All bundled up and ready to rock it!

Yak Trax on my shoes to prevent myself from falling

Running in a winter wonderland

So quiet and peaceful outside

Brrrr, cold feet!

Downtown Spokane

Manito Park 

14 days until CIM!

Do any of you like running in the snow?
What is the craziest thing you have found on a run? 



  1. So so so beautiful!!!!! I did a post about my long run finds one time... I counted a crazy insane amount of alcohol containers, socks, a slipper, a condom (YUCK!!) and I don't even remember what else. It would sound like I live in the slums, but truly, I was just running the back country roads!

  2. wow I love running in the snow, but seriously haven't had a chance to since moving to florida. It just feels like the world is so quite!

    I don't like running on ice though which is often under the KC snow.

    I actually found $300 in college when I was running!

  3. And good luck to you at CIM, too, my fellow Brooks runner!! :)


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