Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sundae Sunday

Technically I was supposed to run a 10K (Pints to Pasta) in PDX the morning after Warrior Dash with Cassie. Unfortunately, I had to pass on this race because Cam signed up for flag football and his first game was Sunday morning. I was super bummed about missing this race because it was a Run With Paula event and I love the races that she puts on. I never miss a race when I sign up for them so this would definitely be a first for me.

We departed for Spokane around 9:00 pm on Saturday night so that we could catch some shut eye before Cam's game the next morning. Cam's game happened to be at Dwight Merkel where the Sundae Sunday 10 mile run would also be taking place that morning. I figured that I mise well go ahead and use these 10 miles as an easy training run. The race started at 8:00 am and Cam's game started at 9:15 am; I would be done just in time to run over to his game. The idea sounded great until my alarm went off at 7:00 am on Sunday. After getting back home around 2:00 am, I was beat! I hit snooze more than once before peeling myself out of bed. All of the mexican food I shoveled into my mouth the night before wasn't sitting so great and I was covered in bruises from Warrior Dash. I figured that this could make for an interesting 10 miles, but I was only using this as a training run. Keeping my pace between 7:30-7:45/mile; nothing faster- even if I felt great. (training run, training run, training run!!!!!)

The "training run" went great- I felt awesome. I definitely could have ran much faster if I was racing, but that wasn't the case. I had several nice conversations with people as I cruised past them along the course. I can always tell that I am not racing when I can chit chat to people for over a mile and not lose my breath or my stride. A couple of guys coasted off of me until they fell back, but they did comment that they liked my steady pace (thank you GARMIN). I did pick up my pace for about 1/2 of a mile to evade a heavy breather who was trying to coast off of me. I can't stand a heavy breather- they are the worst! The guy sounded as if he was going to code! Not good, not good! Luckily I lost him, or I should say he lost me. :-) One guy that I ran with for about a mile said that he had tried to chase me down at Flying Irish the previous Thursday, but that he couldn't keep up. He must have recognized me by my blonde pony tail????

In the end, I am glad that I crawled out of bed. It was a great feeling to get 10 miles pounded out and still make it to Cam's game (they WON too!!!!). I finished in 1 hour 15 min 47 seconds which equates to a 7:36/mile pace. Right on target, had lots in reserve, but had fun too. Looking at the last time I ran Sundae Sunday in 2009, I knocked off over 4 minutes from my time. Not too shabby for a training run!

Next on my agenda is the Sandpoint 1/2 marathon this coming Sunday 9/18. I have every intention of kicking some major booty at this run. GOALS: #1 Run under 1:34 minutes, #2 Have fun, #3 Place in my age division, #4 Smile!!!!



  1. Your so awesome!! Oh just a training run at a 7:33/mile pace. I'm going to need to get some tips from you girl. I want to get my speed back, I was in the low 7's for speed work before I got pregnant. I know it will come and escpecially get easier once I lose the rest of the baby weight. Anywho hope to see you at the race on Sunday. I will be running the 10k with my stepmom and she runs a little slower than me so I'll probably finish the 10k about the same time you finish the 1/2, haha.

  2. Kris- Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday. It looks like the weather will be perfect! Have fun in your 10K, your speed will back before you know it. I took about 9 months off and started running again in January and was surprised at how quickly I regained mine. It looks like you are on the right track. :-)


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