Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm a warrior...

...well not really. After running the Warrior Dash over the weekend I can conclude that I am a marathoner and not a warrior. The event was one of the craziest freakin' days of my life (as their website had promised).

The obstacles were more difficult than I was anticipating. There were 12 in total. I bypassed 2 of them because I didn't want to get hurt (CIM means way more than WD). In case you are curious I bypassed "road rage" and "satan's steps". I am not sure how over half of the participants were able to complete this course because 90% of them I saw looked like they didn't know what e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e was. WD definitely brought PDX's finest out of the wood work. ;-)

Rockin' it


Some hardcore "warriors"

Cam got a tattoo just for the occassion

Rockin' the sweat 'staches

One of the 12 obstacles (this one was towards the end)

Before we got all dirty

This was after we got to "wash" off

We are a good lookin' bunch!

Warrior Superstars!

The four of us all had a great time. We finished in 53 minutes 13 seconds. Obviously not the fastest 5K of my life at the pace of 15 min 12 sec/mile, but it was the funnest!


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