Thursday, September 22, 2011


My running partner, Maisy!

Maisy getting ready to go on a recovery run with me on Tuesday

Maisy loves to run. She gets super excited and hyper when she sees me put on my running shoes. She is devasted if she doesn't get to go. For a pint sized little pup, she sure can run fast! I will credit her speed to chasing squirrels out of the backyard. Of course she does make some runs interesting when she spots a squirrel and takes off in a dead sprint with myself in tow.

The longest run Maisy has ever completed was somewhere between 6-7 miles. That was almost a year ago when I was in the worst shape of my life and was doing more "wogging" than running. My pace was probably around an 11 minute mile give or take. More recently I only take her on short runs and my recovery runs. I don't think her little legs could keep up with me for 6-7 miles at my pace now. I try to take her at least once a week because she loves it and it is kind of fun to run with her. She is a great little pacer, but with slight squirrel ADD. Her fastest run to date is a 7:30/mile and she is pretty proud of that.

I have been thinking about taking her to a Flying Irish run, but not quite sure about that yet. She does great just running with me around the neighborhood, but I am not sure how she would do downtown and with a couple hundred people. I have taken her for runs at Manito Park and on the Centennial Trail and she did okay so maybe I should give it a try next week. She would be really excited- she is such a little show off.

Maisy after her 2.25 mile run

She is a little out of shape, but so happy she got to go for a run :-)

Siesta time for my little athlete



  1. Oh she is one super cute pup!! How fun to take a dog running with you. I used to take my mom's dog who is part husky and he loved it and he was an awesome pacer as well.

  2. Maisy is quite the little character. She only weighs about 15 lbs, but you would never know. :-)


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