Sunday, August 21, 2011

CEP compression sleeves

I finally broke down and bought a pair of compression sleeves for my legs. I wasn't sure how I would like running with them, especially during the summer, but so far I like them. I wore them on a 9 mile run yesterday and they felt good and my legs didn't cramp as much. The sleeves run about $40 and the socks are $60. I decided not to get the socks because I already have socks that I like to run in and the sleeves seemed like a better deal. They come in multiple colors ranging from hot pink, kermit green, white & black. You can guess what color I got....I am interested in testing out the sleeves more, especially on longer runs while training for CIM.

Yes, they look a little silly, but they are comfortable

Check out my Brook's ST 5s!!!!

According to the information on the box CEP compression sleeves or socks have multiple benefits:
1. Improved blood circulation
2. Preventative function
3. Muscle & joint stabilization
4. Improved coordination

Positive effects from wearing CEP include:
1. Reduced risk of injury
2. 30-40% improvement in blood flow
3. Stabilization of ligaments & tendons
4. Reduced muscle vibration
5. Fewer muscle pains
6. Accelerated regeneration

Check out their website at CEP Sports



  1. Very cool, I looked at them when I was at PRC the other day. Are you wearing them at H2C?

  2. I think so, but I haven't decided yet. I am going to wear them on my run tomorrow and then maybe on Wednesday also. They are pretty comfortable and made my legs feel good- as good as they can on a long run :-)


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