Friday, July 15, 2011

Newman Lake 25K

This weekend I am running the Newman Lake 25K. The course looks daunting. I have heard through the grapevine that the hills are insane and that my aspiration of running my marathon pace might be a long shot. The race starts at 6:30 am because I have been told that it gets HOT out on the course. What in the heck was I thinking when I signed up?!

Last year first place was 1hr 54 min and second place was 2hr 9min. Figuring I have never beat the first place finisher before I figure that I should be done right around the 2 hr mark. I really just want to have fun and run a good and smart race. I got my 5 mile tempo down 8 seconds per mile this week to a pace of 6:57 per mile. I have never ran 5 miles at the pace before so I was really excited about it, especially considering my hamstrings & quads are still feeling the burn from Go Girl. The best thing to look forward to is being done with the race at a decent hour on Sunday and they serve breakfast at the finish line. I am going to eat a HUGE stack of pancakes. :-)


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