Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Skinny Jean's summer session is here!!!

I am so excited, today was the first day of our Skinny Jean's summer session with AB (Amy Black otherwise known as FLAB- Fearless Leader Amy Black). I can't say enough great things about her program. It is simply amazing- it is life changing!!!!! So many wonderful things have happened since I joined her program in January. I still can't believe how much I have changed over the course of 5 months. I lost over 40 pounds and countless inches off of my frame (I actually lost track of the inches), but the most important thing other than re-training myself to eat healthier was that I got back into the best running shape of my life. I actually enjoy running now! For the first time in years, running makes me happy. I am not being over trained, I am not over racing, and I don't have external pressure. I am running solely for myself. It's a great feeling when you actually look forward to your training runs. I am already counting down the days until my 10K on July 10th in Portland.

I know that I did the work by showing up to class, working out on my own, and eating healthier, but I don't think I could have gotten this far without the support & encouragement from FLAB. I have had a personal trainer before and never got close to the results that I have gotten from FLAB. I remember that I was absolutely petrified to go to my first class and then I was terrified for at least the next 2 weeks! I am sure that Angie can attest to that. Now, I look forward to class- I absolutely love it. The days that I have class with FLAB are the best days of the week.


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