Monday, June 6, 2011

26.2 Necklace

I have been looking for a cute necklace to commemorate having ran a marathon before and Boston. There isn't a lot of cute "running" necklaces out there. Maybe there are and I am just picky? I wanted something that I could wear to work if I wanted too and not have it look dorky, but something that I could also wear with my everyday clothes. I happened to be looking on ETSY this last week and found some super cute 26.2 necklaces that are handmade. I emailed a couple of the artists and put together a custom necklace. I have 2 charms on that says "Boston 2010" and a smaller one that says "26.2". I also added a pink crystal charm for a little bit of character (of course it had to be pink).

I am so glad that I ordered my necklace, it is absolutely perfect! It is just the right size and the crystal charm can come off if I don't want to wear it all of the time. This is a great gift idea for a runner to commemorate their achievements.


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  1. Which Etsy shop did you get your marathon necklace from??? It's really cute!


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