Sunday, April 17, 2011

Windermere 1/2 Marathon: Week 7 down, 5 weeks to go!

This last week has been a nice little refresher for my legs. Recovery weeks always make me feel like I am being lazy, but I know that my body needs the time off. Next week will be another high mileage week and before I know it, it will be time for Windermere!!!!

Monday: I enjoyed my day off. I baked cupcakes!

Tuesday: SJ class. I added to my collection of bruises and also moved up to using the 25 lb KB for more of our exercises. Tuesday night Cam and I went to spin. Have I mentioned how much I love spin? Thank you to AB and Cam for getting me to go and give it a try!

Wednesday: I had four 1/2 mile intervals which I opted to do on the treadmill so that I could better keep track of my speed/time. I started with a 1.5 mile warm up, ran 4 sets with 90 second recovery, and finished with a 1.5 mile cool down. After that I went to TRX.

Thursday: Class was fun because we did a special little Boston send off for Angie. With my Boston themed cupcakes of course!
I was planning on going to spin after work, but I just had to much stuff going on so I had to cancel. I was pretty disappointed.....

Friday: I had a 4 mile tempo run which I ran on the treadmill in 31min. I followed that with a 2 mile cool down and TRX. What a great way to start the day!!!!

Saturday: At class AB set up our obstacle course workout again. It was awesome and such a great workout. I was dying at the end. I couldn't wait to tear off my sweats, they were drenched! I can't wait for the next class like that.

Sunday: Easy 7 mile run. The weather was perfect (little on the chilly side), but it was a great day. I went running later in the afternoon which I typically don't do. I am looking forward to having Monday off and gearing up for my busy training week.

On a side note, with my parents in town over the weekend, I didn't log some of my meals. We ate out for lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. I made fairly good choices at the restaurants we went too so I didn't fall completely off of the bandwagon. It's back to the grind now!


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