Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boston Marathon Cupcakes

My good friend Angie from my workout class is running the Boston Marathon on Monday. I am so excited for her because I know that she will have an amazing experience. There is nothing quite like the Boston Marathon and the feeling you get from being there. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible; I get chills just thinking about it!

Angie is my inspiration to get back into shape so that I can qualify again. She is an incredible athlete and someone who I have looked up to for the last couple of months. I am looking forward to hearing all about her trip when she gets back next week.

As a class we decided to give her a fun little send off this morning. Not only did we tag her car, but Amy put together a goodie bag for her, and I made her cupcakes from my Hungry Girl Cookbook. I will post the recipe/nutritional content later, but here are the pictures. I made Boston Marathon logo toppers and even made blue frosting and used yellow cupcake liners. How cool is that?



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  1. I can personally attest (because I had these for breakfast) that these cupcakes are, to quote my dear Cupcake: AH-MAZING!!!!!!!!! Cupcake, you are one talented baker, my sweet friend. The send-off was such a suprise - almost made me cry. What a wonderful bunch....I didn't realize how lucky I am!


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