Monday, March 21, 2011

Windermere 1/2 Marathon: Week 3 down, 9 weeks to go!

This week was a challenging, but great week for me. We had "Shock Week" from our class which definitely pushed my limits and added some extra soreness. I ran 6 extra miles that wasn't on my training plan because I felt good. I can actually blame those extra 6 miles on Maisy because she wanted to go for a run. :) I know that I need to stick with the training plan that Amy gave me so from this point forward I will just listen to her and not add my own miles to the schedule.

My running workouts were great. My tempo run felt really good on Friday. It was the first one that I had gotten to run outside and it was awesome. Hopefully I won't have to do anymore tempos on the treadmill for a while! On Sunday I had my long run of 10 miles. It was pretty chilly and windy and as I started out I began to think that my out and back idea wasn't the greatest. I hate starting out running against the wind. You feel like you are barely moving and when it's cold it hurts to breath. At mile 3, I felt like it was going to take me 2 hours to run the 10 miles. Luckily as soon as I got past the windy part everything starting to fall into place and I got my rhythm back. I was planning on finishing the run between 90 and 105 minutes, but I finished it in under 90 minutes. Woo hoo! I felt really good when I was done and I didn't feel sore or cramped up so that is extra bonus points! I have a feeling that my 1/2 marathon in October is going to be awesome!


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