Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Who doesn't love pizza? I am not afraid to admit that I love pizza and I love cheese. Our friends, Paul & Brenda, own several Papa Murphy's in the Spokane area so needless to say we eat a lot of PM pizza! The other day Cam and I wanted to eat out, but it is hard to eat out and count calories at the same time. Kind of puts a damper on the whole eating out thing. Going through my Fatsecret account I realized the PM was one of the restaurants listed with nutrition content. I found out that I can still eat my favorite pizza just by changing it from original crust to their deLITE crust. What a great alternative! I listed several options below. Fatsecret is such a wonderful tool to have and it is great to be able to use my Fatsecret phone application when I am not home. It helps me to make better food decisions.

BBQ Chicken Pizza (1 slice)
Fat 11.0 grams
Carbs 35.0 grams
Protein 17.0 grams
Calories 310

Fat 8.0 grams
Carbs 17.0 grams
Protein 12.0 grams
Calories 181

Cheese Pizza (1 slice)
Fat 10.0 grams
Carbs 27.0 grams
Protein 12.0 grams
Calories 250

Fat 6.5 grams
Carbs 13.0 grams
Protein 7.5 grams
Calories 140

Hawaiian (1 slice)
Fat 11.0 grams
Carbs 33.0 grams
Protein 15.0 grams
Calories 290

Fat 7.0 grams
Carbs 15.0 grams
Protein 9.0 grams
Calories 160


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