Thursday, March 10, 2016

February Recap...Marching on

I have been behind with my resolution to blog more frequently. Work has been busy and I have been tired! I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and still running a lot. It actually feels great to be moving so much. It has been really therapeutic for me with all of my daily stressors. Most days when I feel too tired to run, I force myself to get out there and within minutes I instantly feel better. I just wish I could have more motivation to run first thing in the morning. Getting up at 4:45 am when I am already not sleeping great is really difficult!
Running at 19 weeks
I ended the month of February on 83 miles which is the most miles I have run in a month in a long time. In the last couple of weeks I have been able to do double runs in one day, have run a lot with Little in the BOB and also have had some really good long runs ranging from 11 to over 13 miles.  It is hard to fit miles into the day when I am working fulltime and taking care of a busy toddler, but I make it work. 90% of my running is after she goes to sleep or we do a family gym date where there is childcare. If the weather is nice we do a BOB run when I pick her up from school and then I tack on some TM miles after she goes to bed.
We run to the park to play....

...and then mama finishes the rest of her miles before she goes to bed

My goal for March is to keep moving! I would like to break 100 miles for the month. Right now I am currently on pace to do that. Last week I had over 30 miles and this week I am on target to have at least 30 miles, if not more. I had a great day on Tuesday and ran over 9 miles, but on Wednesday I struggled to run 5. It usually takes me a good mile to be able to catch my breath and get into a groove. Most of the running from house is uphill in the beginning so as pregnancy has progressed it has taken me longer to find my rhythm. At this point, I try to not look at my watch because pace isn’t important, just getting out there is.
This pregnancy is polar opposite from my first one. You learn so much with your first- mostly what not to do if you ever become pregnant again. More on that topic later.
Pregnancy comparison- only about a 30 lb weight difference between the two


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