Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season with their families! I spent mine on the Oregon Coast for a couple of days with my family and then we spent Christmas day in Spokane at home. This year Christmas and New Years was pretty low key, but I am sure that next year the holidays will be a lot more exciting with Bean here.

I know that it has been weeks since I last posted, but life with a baby on the way has been busy. As my due date gets closer, I think my to do list gets longer! What started as a conversation about carpeting the hallway and bedrooms has turned into a full scale makeover of our house. It seems over whelming, but these are things we have been talking about doing for years. Just getting them completed will be a huge relief.

Other than getting ready for baby Bean the last couple of months we have been having some fun too. We watched our college football team make it to semi finals of the FCS playoffs, barely missing another chance at playing for the national championship. Going to the games are always fun, but were a little different this year since I couldn't drink at the tailgate. We also went to the Seahawks vs Saints game the first of December. That was a fun game to watch in person!

Me with Vernon Adams the quarterback and runner up for the Walter Payton Award

Bean is ready for some football next year!

Bean photo bomb @ 19 weeks

We also had some professional pictures taken back in October. I think that they turned out pretty good!

My personal to do list for Bean is slowly getting checked off. She (Yes, we found out on 11/23 that Bean is a GIRL!!!) doesn’t have a name yet, but we do have some names selected that we like. I made all of her crib bedding and her crib set is purchased. I am still on the lookout for a dresser and a book case for her room. Her room is slowly coming together and has been mostly cleaned out. Last week I selected the paint colors and I have a general idea of how I want her room to look. Last week I also went and registered which was a fun, but an overwhelming process. I went solo and left the husband at home which was probably a good thing!

Tia & Maisy are VERY excited to be getting a little sister in April 

Baby Bean!

Long little runner legs

Bean's bedding set with bumpers, 3 sheets and the dust ruffle

My pregnancy so far has been pretty easy. I was experiencing severe heartburn for a couple of weeks, but my OB prescribed me pepcid which has helped relieve that. I am tired, but I haven’t been sleeping very good at night. From what I have been told, that will probably only get worse. The amount of weight I have gained has really freaked me out; I don’t even look at the scale at my OB appointments anymore. I hope that I will be able to lose the baby weight after Bean comes. I am feeling her move more and more every day. I was told I might not feel her as much until about this time because she is sitting really far back. Now I feel her all the time. I swear that she is already training for her first race.

My Boston Marathon jacket almost no longer fits :-(

New Years Eve @ 23 weeks

I am still working and plan to do so up until little Bean arrives. I am also still working out, but not as much as I would like. I recently downgraded my Farmgirlfit membership to just 2 days week. Going 3 days was not giving me enough recovery time. I can still lift about the same as I was before, but the cardio portion of the workouts slow me down. Surprisingly, I can still do box jumps at almost 24 weeks pregnant, but I probably won’t be able to continue them much longer.

Running hurts. I try to run/walk 1-2 days a week with a 30 minute time limit. Not only do I just feel jiggly everywhere, but my hips and knees ache making anything longer than 30 minutes almost unbearable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to continue my run/walk routine up until her due date.

My OB thinks that I am borderline crazy for running and doing farmgirl, but she supports my decision to stay active. I have been very honest with her about what type of workouts I do and she doesn’t seem to be concerned as long as I realize what my limits are. Realizing those limits at first were tough, but I slowly came to terms with them several weeks ago.

I am already thinking about some running and fitness goals that I would like to accomplish post pregnancy, but nothing has been set in stone. I don’t want to commit to anything just yet. Her due date puts a wrench on some of my favorite summer races, but I would like to run Missoula in July. A triathlon will more than likely be out of the picture for this year, but I still have hopes to complete an Ironman in the next couple of years. By midsummer I would like to be going to farmgirl at least 3 days a week again to start building back my strength. Like I said, nothing is set in stone, just ideas at this point. I was excited to find out that I will still be working with Nuun and Brooks in the coming year.

I am so out of the blogging and social media loop right now. What is new with you?????



  1. You're alive! Okay, I knew you were alive, but it's nice to see you alive in the blogging world! Good luck with all the home changes, and preparing! Congratulations!

  2. So glad you are enjoying your time in preparing for your special girl to arrive! Keep moving friend, it is the best think you can do for yourself and for baby bean.


  3. Ahhh you look so adorable!!! Love the professional pics and glad you're still keeping active :)

  4. YAYYY so glad to see that you are back!! I'm sure that you have been SUPER busy. Congrats on the little girl!! So very exciting!!

  5. The bedding is so cute! You also look great! I really like the shirt you are wearing for NYE. Congrats - baby girl is really lucky!

  6. I've missed your posts! Glad to hear that all is well and YAY on a girl!! You look fantastic. Love the bedding, too!

  7. Aww I missed you! Glad you're doing well! Love the photos!

  8. Glad you are back & doing well!!! :)

  9. read this the other week but never commented....i love that i've been able to keep up with you on instagram and facebook :) so glad yall (baby bean) are doing well. you look great!


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