Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 6: My foam roller is my boyfriend....

It took me more days than I would like to admit to recover from my snowshoeing adventure. Sunday morning I woke up and my calves were a bit on the tight side. Monday it was even worse. I did a lot of stretching and foam rolling before and after my Monday run. Tuesday I was sore when I woke up, but after some stretching + foam rolling I started to feel better. Who knew that snowshoeing would make me that sore?!

I ended up packing my travel foam roller with me to work everyday.

½ mile easy WU
5 x 1200 repeats @ 6:00 min pace followed by 4 min easy recovery jogs. I usually started my recovery jog at a walk to catch my breath and drink some Nuun. I don’t care what anyone says- 1200s NEVER get easier.
½ mile easy CD
Total miles ran: 7 in 52:27

Followed with stretching + foam rolling + 22 minutes of core work.

Tuesday: FGF. This was my FAVORITE workout to date. I loved how it incorporated strength + running for the entire workout.
10 rounds
12 Russian KBS
200 meter sprint
12 Ab mat sit ups
Total time- 27:41

After a breather the extra was backsquats for max weight. I shouldn't have started so light on the weights....
5 x 3: 65, 75, 85, 105, 125

Went home and completed additional core work for another 15 minutes. 

Wednesday: 7 miles easy pace (8:00-8:15). This run was taxing. My legs felt like bricks! I thought I might run a touch over 7 miles, but in the end when I hit 7 I was done.
7 miles in 56:27
Followed by 22 minutes of core + stretching + foam rolling.

Why do I only do 22 minutes of core? Mostly because I am too lazy to update my HIIT interval timer.....

This is the best my abs have ever looked. I am holding myself to my 2013 goal this year!!!!

Thursday: FGF was a doozy! I usually always look at the workout beforehand just to see what I am getting myself into. Sometimes I probably shouldn't do that because a lot of the workouts look terrifying in print. One thing I have learned- if it looks easy you will be DEAD at the end of the workout. Nothing is ever easy in Farmgirlfit!

143 box jumps later I couldn't even stand straight. Our "extra" work for the night was core which was hard to do with all of the sweat pouring off my face and stinging my eyes. When I got home it was lights out and hit the coach, no extra core work for me!

Friday: Off J

Saturday: 16 mile long run- broke up into different paces.
2 miles E, 2 miles T, 8 miles E, 2 miles T, 2 miles E
E pace- 8:00- 8:15
T pace- 7:00- 7:05

I like having my long runs broken up into different paces. Makes the workout go by faster. I also have to pay more attention to what mile I am at.

Matt wanted to know what my HR was for the T pace so I wore my heart rate monitor for the run. T pace #1 my average HR was 163, max was 168. for T pace #2 my average HR was 162, max was 165.

I wasn't very motivated to get this run started. So glad I was able to get my 'tude in check and my rear in gear! Thanks to Kat and Miss Zippy for the motivation!

16 miles in 2:06:14
7:53 pace 

Followed up run with stretching, foam rolling and an epsom salt bath. My core is freaking sore (probably from FGF on Thursday) so no core work was completed.

The rest of my day was spent in my compression socks.....

Sunday: Active recovery day.
90 minute easy spin session
20 minutes of stretching + foam rolling
25 minutes of core (YES, I changed my HIIT interval timer, lol)

Total miles ran: 31.4

Questions for you:
How was your week? What was your favorite workout?
Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
Do you like breaking up your long runs into different paces?



  1. I need you to stay motivated because you motivate ME! ;) wow I did that warrior dash and 9 today but you totally killed it with that 16 miler, super proud of you girl!

    1. Thanks Kat!!!! Warrior Dash is tough! I felt like I was in shape when we did it a couple of years ago, but I was sore the next day! Glad that you and your hubby had fun. Your pictures were cute.

  2. You look amazing in both the before and after picture! and girl, that stomach! Wowza!

    1. Thanks Nikki. I am thinking I need to go buy a new bathing suit for core work motivation... :-)

  3. You're rocking the abs! Way to go. And glad to help get you out the door for what turned out to be a kick-ass workout!

    I was struggling with tight calf muscles this week, too, I think from jump roping at CF. It's amazing to me how having tired calf muscles can affect the entire leg's ability to run fast, don't you agree?

    1. Thanks Amanda, especially for Sunday. I would have stayed on the couch or in bed until 12 if I hadn't have gotten my rear in gear. It seems like whenever I don't want to workout or I feel tired I always have a good workout. Not sure how that works.

      Were you doing DUs in CF? Those always hurt my feet and calves. I think I put too much pressure on my landing. Having sore calf muscles definitely slows me down. Hope yours are feeling better today.

  4. Wow, lady! You're getting in some awesome paces and mileage-- way to go!! My shins/calves have been tight as I've gotten back into running, too. Feeling better today, but I'm keeping my eye on them and icing and rolling.

    1. Thanks Laura!!!!! Hope your legs feel better. Are you still feeling the marathon?

  5. Your abs are doing amazing things Tasha! And I love that you take your foam roller to work - what a great system.

    1. Thanks Kari- my hard work is starting to pay off. I love my travel size foam roller. It was a great investment. I think that it even works better than my large one.

  6. Nice mileage and paces. And look at your abs! :)

    1. Thanks Angie! I have really been working hard on my abs. Really hard. Hopefully it pays off!

  7. Whoa. I thought you had a massive purse...till you said it was your travel foam roller! Imagine if that was a regular sized foam roller that fit in your purse! :)

    1. LOL, the purse is big. However, the foam roller is pretty small. About the size of a rolling pin :-)

  8. Girl. You are looking strong! Happy that your return is going so smoothly. Please share your ab workouts. Looking good!

    1. Thanks Harmony! I am feeling strong too! I promise to share some ab secrets soon. XXX

  9. amazing speed! and those abs. total envy. :)

    1. Thanks hon. I am afraid I stress ate over the weekend. Boo. Back to the grind now!!!

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