Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wheels are turning

At the peak of training for Eugene I was running the most I had run since college. I was feeling fantastic! I had a very lofty goal of running over 2000 miles by the end of 2012. I was on track to get close to that number and then Compartment Syndrome happened. June had ZERO miles. July had already any miles, but as you can see, I am slowly but surely running more each month. Woohoo!!!!! I am thinking I will be close to 90 miles for the month of November. After the first of the year if everything continues to progress I will start training for the WINDERMERE MARATHON. The nice thing about this race? It is in my backyard and I can sleep in my bed AND I run this course all of the time. Hooray!

Each week I find myself getting stronger. Yesterday just amazed me. How I was able to run even close to this pace just shocked me and made me GIDDY. I haven't even started training at all and BOOM! My little feet were flying. With no pain I might add. So excited for 2013. I have some races to run and hopefully some PRs to set. I am still not giving up on my marathon dream of running 3 hours. I am going to give it one more shot to see if the marathon really is my race. Hopefully that time will come in May.

Questions for you:

Do you use Dailymile?
How do you keep track of your workouts?
Ever dream big?


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