Sunday, November 25, 2012

Munching & Running: Turkey weekend fun

On Thursday I had originally planned on running a turkey trot in Manzanita. However, I woke up with a stomach ache and was not feeling it. I knew that I still needed to run so I just decided to run my own "turkey trot" because I wasn't sure how long I would last. I had a speed workout on the docket, but I forgot to download my times onto my Garmin so I just winged it.

Started out with 1 easy mile and then ran 9 x 1:00 minute hard and 2:00 minutes easy. It totaled a little over 4 miles. The whole time my stomach was wrenching. I really wanted to run 6 miles or at least 5 miles, but it wasn't happening.

Thanksgiving with my family was wonderful and eventually after taking some ibuprofen I felt much better. I was pretty good with my dinner selection, but gosh darn it. I ate two desserts: pumpkin pie and a slice of pumpkin roll. Ooops! At least they were both amazing and I DID run.

Later that night after inhaling my THIRD dessert of the day Mr. Healthy Diva and I drove to Seaside to watch Skyfall. He has been dying to see this movie since the day it came out. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the movie was. I actually really liked it! As we were leaving the theatre it was about 11:15 and the outlet malls were already open for Black Friday business. I asked Mr. Healthy Diva if he wanted to go to the NIKE outlet, but he declined. He so is not my husband.

Friday it seriously poured kittens & puppies all day. I really wanted to take Tia & Maisy to the beach, but the rain never let up. It was nasty! We did end up driving to Tillamook to the "church of cheese" the Tillamook Cheese Factory so that we could eat lunch and buy some "squeaky cheese". I couldn't decide what I wanted for lunch: cheeseburger OR the "centennial" grilled cheese sandwich which was made of aged cheddar. I ended up going with the "centennial" grilled cheese. It did not disappoint. LOVED IT.

YUM- cheesy goodness!

Of course I had to get ice cream at the cheese factory because not only does Tillamook have the best cheese, but they also have the best ice cream. I went with the double scoop because I couldn't decide between the "Grandma's cake batter" or the "Fireside 'Smores". Both flavors were awesome, but I really liked the cake batter. It was AMAZING! Definitely needed some stretchy pants to wear for the rest of the day....

Yum- nom nom

Squeeeeeky Cheese!

Driving the Tillamook Loaf- BEEP BEEP!

Later that night I made a red sparkle skirt for the Jingle Bell run that is next weekend. I was going to make it at home, but I broke the needle on my sewing machine and have been too lazy to fix it. Thankfully my mom rocks at sewing and let me use her brand new machine. I plan on dedicated a full blog post in the near future teaching you how to make your own sparkle skirt. It is so easy!

Modeling the finished product- blog post coming soon! (yes my mom made the quilt in the background- she is an amazing quilter!)

Saturday morning the weather was beautiful. We got up and took Tia and Maisy to the beach so that they could play and dig a bunch of holes. They love the beach! After that we went home so that I could go on my "long" run of 7 miles. It was FANTASTIC, AWESOME, AMAZING and just downright the best run to date that I have had. I honestly had zero expectations going into the run. Matt was thinking that my easy pace should be about an 8:30ish pace. Prior to compartment syndrome my easy pace was 8:00. I went out and just ran and rarely looked at my Garmin. I ran along the beach and through the state park which is one of my favorite routes. I ran up Laneda Ave to HWY 101 and then ran back down to the beach. I ran my 7 miles in an 8:03 pace and then jogged back to my car to put another .26 in the bank. I was on a runner's high when I got done. Slowly but surely my confidence is building. I am just so proud of myself right now. I texted Matt and told him that I felt like I could have run forever- I felt that good!

Excited to go to the beach!!!!

Almost impossible to get a picture of them looking in the same direction at the camera....

Scenes from my awesome 7 miler- The top left picture is the Nehalem Bay from the state park, the bottom left is Manzanita beach

Saturday afternoon we drove down the coast to Pacific City so that we could have a late lunch at the Pelican Pub. I love that place. Best fish & chips on the coast and awesome beer. I had the Kiwanda Creme Ale with my fish & chips. So yummy and worth the drive.

Now I am off to finish packing so that we can make the long trek back to Spokane today.....


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