Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winning Weekend

My weekend was really busy. My husband and I drove over 697.8 miles in two days. YIKES. Poor Allie the Acura- she needs a vacation.

Friday night we attended the grand opening celebration at Spokane’s Fleet Feet store. It was a fun opportunity to show our support and also meet some new people in the running community. I am truly excited about what Fleet Feet has done for our community so far. They are a great store and great people too. I am looking forward to watching them grow as a business and inspire people to get out there and RUN.

During the day on Saturday I spent most of my time cramming all of my weekend errands into a couple of hours. I managed a quick TM workout, but it was nothing spectacular. I am currently in the pitfalls of foot pain again. I am going to take it easy this week and see if that helps.

 Later that night we drove about an hour north of Spokane to Usk, WA to watch Mr. Healthy Diva’s high school friend in an MMA fight. Talk about sitting with an interesting crowd. I definitely felt out of place! His friend is an amazing fighter and has good chance of making it to the UFC . Seriously, the guy is ripped. I have never seen so many muscles on a single person before. The guy doesn’t have a 6 pack- it’s more like a 24 pack! Dave’s fight was the main event so we had to sit and watch 12 fights before it was his turn. His fight seemed to last only 30 seconds, but it was actully 52 seconds with a knock out to his opponent. Dave used his knee to knock the guy in the forehead- OUCH. The crowd went crazy…and so did Mr. Healthy Diva. J

Why anyone would want to get locked in a ring and fight someone else until "surrendering" or knocking the other person out is beyond me. Seriously.

We made pretty good time driving home which I was thankful for since we were planning to leave at 3 am the next morning to drive to Seattle for the Seahawks game. We got home a little before 10:30 pm only to realize that we had locked ourselves out of our house!!!!!! We drove the truck to Usk so I left my car keys on the kitchen counter while Mr. Healthy Diva had given his father the house key off of his key chain so he could come and take care of the girls while we were in Seattle. Total EPIC FAIL.  Thankfully his father answered his cell phone and was just at the casino so we drove out there to meet him for our key. By the time we got home I was in bed by 11:30. Not ideal.

We were slow moving the next morning due to lack of sleep and did not make out the door until 5 am. We made one pit stop in North Bend to get some brats for grilling and then we were off to scout out a tailgating place. Mr. Healthy Diva always parks in the same spot so thankfully he knew right where to go. Because we left Spokane later than we had anticipated we got one of the last parking spots in the lot. At $40 I can hardly consider it “lucky”, but I guess all of the parking downtown Seattle is ridiculous. That is another reason why I like living in Spokane!

My first ever Seahawks game!

Mr. Healthy Diva being a goof- GO Cougs EAGS!

We tailgated for a couple of hours and made some new friends before we headed over to meet his uncle who had our tickets. It was starting to rain a little when we headed into the game, but thankfully our seats where covered so we stayed dry during the game.

The game? WOW. What an awesome performance by the Seahawks! Talk about a nail biter at the end! The crowd was absolutely insane. My ears were buzzing- I could hardly hear myself think. I am definitely glad that we were able to go, such a fun day. Exhausting, but fun.

View from our COVERED seats :-)

New Christmas card????

We made it back to Spokane a little before 9:45, had the car unloaded, girls let out…and my head hit the pillow at 9:57. J

PS- The Eastern Washington Eagles also won their football game against Montana State on Saturday so it truly was a WINNING weekend! Now that EWU won, they are currently ranked #1 in the FCS poll. GO EAGS!!!!!!!

Questions for you:
Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
Did you watch the Seahawks game?


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