Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pavemement Princesses

I need to take a break from formulating the last part of my Eugene Marathon race recap to brag a little. Last week Lora @ Crazy Runner Girl  mentioned on twitter that she needed people to sign up for her virtual relay on GoGazella. I figured, why not? I was already running my marathon, had a 12k planned and a couple of 1/2s. I figured that it would be fun.

As you can see we are doing some SERIOUS damage! We are currently the TOP TEAM, THE TOP ALL FEMALE TEAM, & THE TOP MARATHON TEAM. Booyah!!!!!

There are currently 4 of us on the team:

Rules for Virtual Relay:

1.  Create or join a relay team of 2 to 6 members.
2.  Run a distance race between April 1st & June 30th, 2012. 
3.  The following race distances are eligible to be used in the relay: 5k, 10k, 15k, 10mi, 13.1mi and 26.2mi
4.  You must be able to link to a website that shows your on-line results to be eligible for a prize.
5.  To complete the race your team must get to a minimum of 52 miles. 
6.  Once you have a race entry, you are eligible for an in-race prize, which are determined by 
7.  You are automatically entered in the "Open" category.  You can win prizes in more than one category if you qualify for multiple categories.
8.  The winning team (with the fastest total team time) in each Category will win a prize.  Check out our prizes and categories here.
9.  You can edit or replace your time with a new race time anytime before July 1st.  On July 1st the race closes and the standings are final.
10. You can only be a member of one team.  You cannot join or create multiple teams.
11. You can add or edit your race time from the Virtual Relay App on your profile page (above the mileage log).
12. Enter your race times in minutes.  You can round down the seconds. (ex) a half marathon in 1:32.45 would be entered as 92 minutes.

Did I mention that there are PRIZES?! Check out the prizes HERE.

Pavement Princesses ROCK!!!!



  1. WOOO we rock!!! And if anyone else wants to join, we have room!! :)

    1. Lora- this relay was such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing it on twitter last week. :-)

  2. I'm like doing a bazillion races between now and July 1st. If you need anyone else on your team, holler! :)

  3. This is an amazing idea - I LOVE it! Congrats on contributing to a rockin' team!


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