Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today marked my last long run before the Eugene Marathon on April 29th. My husband, for the first time EVER, decided to ride his bike with me. He got the idea because my BFF had just run her 20 miler the day before and her running partner's step dad rode his bike with them. My hubby has never even been remotely interested in my long runs or training so I took him up on the offer. My grand idea was to drive out to Post Falls, ID and run the Centennial Trail (Windermere Marathon course) into downtown Spokane. The trail would be perfect...hardly any stopping due to stop lights, etc.

I got up at 7 am and was ready to go, however, the husband would not get out of bed. I think by the time we actually left, had I been on my own I would have been 50% done. Oh well. I told him I thought we should drive the truck out to PF and then leave the car down by Gonzaga U. Of course, he thought that this was a terrible idea...more to come on this. He needs to remember that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.

I decided to wear my #1 choice for my Eugene race outfit choice paired with my new Nike Vomero sunglasses. I think I was trying to channel some speed mojo from Kara. :-)

#1 choice

My new vomero NIKE sunglasses

Not sure how I feel about the Epiphany bra tank because it is padded...kinda weird. Running a marathon in a "padded" bra????

When we eventually got to PF it was 42 degrees, perfect weather for running! I was nervous about my foot and covering 24 miles again...but I was also excited because I knew once I finished this run I would officially be in taper mode!

North Idaho (ya kinda scare me!)

Putting his bike together

Yay! He still remembers how to ride it, LOL

BRRRR. A little cold here.

We take off and I am feeling pretty good. We hit the 1 mile mark and the hubby goes "ugh, how are going to get into the house? I left the garage door opener in Allie." With that, I kept running and he had to ride back to Allie and get the garage door opener. AWESOME.

I have never run on this portion of the Centennial Trail before. I am running along...and running...and running...and still no hubby. I am hitting almost 4 miles when I realize I went the WRONG WAY!!!!!! A mile before their was a right hand turn that I should have taken to get me on the other side of the freeway. I am freaking out at this point because I get scared running by myself in unknown locations. I may have almost started crying. I turned around and starting running back from where I missed the turn. I found my hubby when I was running back. He had been worried because he didn't know where in the heck I had gone. To note, I did try and call his cell phone, however, he left it at home. UGH. 

Spokane River along the Centennial Trail

It didn't take me long to get back in my groove. I couldn't believe how beautiful the trail was. I think I may have a new favorite long run location! I took my first gel and had water/gatorade at mile 11.69. I was getting warm so by this point the long sleeved shirt and gloves were gone. My foot "ached", but wasn't anything serious. Just more annoying. 

My first 12 miles were supposed to be easy pace between 8:00-8:30 minutes miles and my last 12 were to be run at my MP of 7:20-7:30.  I hit the 12 mile mark and dug a little deeper to hit my MP. I felt pretty darn good. Again, I was having to tell myself to "slow down" which I think is good. Means I am in shape...right?!

About mile 18 I took my second gel and more water/gatorade. I saved my Peanut Butter GU for this momentous occasion. Love that stuff! I was really getting warm so I opted to also take off my arm sleeves. 

It was great having my husband there because he could finally see how hard I have been working my a** off the last 9 weeks. He was really encouraging to me and kept telling me I was doing awesome. That was a great confidence booster for me!

I took more gatorade/water at mile 21.55. I was beginning to realize at this point that we really should have parked my car at Gonzaga. If you are familiar with Spokane I was by the Spokane Community College at this point. Gonzaga is about 3ish miles from there...our house on the S. Hill is about 5 ish miles. More on this topic coming. Again, he needs to remember that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT

My husband kept telling me that I was almost there which got annoying so I may have told him to shut up. I can't remember, haha. I was cruising at this point. I looked down a couple of times and was running 6:35 or faster. Even though I probably could have kept that pace up, I told myself to slow down. I do not want any other stupid aches and pains to pop up over the next couple of weeks. I need to arrive in Eugene in one piece, well rested, and ready to run a smart race. 

The last 1/2 mile was killing me. It seemed like it took forever. I hit 24 miles on the Mission Bridge by Avista. From that point Gonzaga is less than a mile...perhaps 1/2 mile and our house was close to 3 miles away. Hmmmm....shouldn't we have parked my car at Gonzaga???!!!! Why I think so. I am hobbling along, foot hurts like a bi*tch, I am complaining like no other and finally my hubby says "you were right, should have parked the car at Gonzaga." REALLY????!!!! YOU THINK?????!!!!!!

Finally after a mile I said no more! I couldn't walk another step. I hurt so bad. I told my hubby that I was going to park myself on the front of lawn of a business and wait for him to ride his bike the rest of the way home and then come back and pick me up. Let's just say it was in a less desirable neighborhood of Spokane. Probably not the neighborhood for a cute blonde to be hanging out in. I kind of freaked out a little, but I had my cell phone with my so I called my BFF and made her talk to me for a while just in case I needed a witness to my mugging and or kidnapping. 

While I was sitting there talking to my BFF I pondered my #1 race outfit choice. I am not liking it anymore! The top is just a weird one to run a marathon in. I think I need to check out my #2 option next and then make my final decision. I still have plenty of time to decide. :-)

The hubby eventually came to my rescue and the first thing he says is how tired he is and how bad his quads hurt and how he should have worn riding gloves because his hands hurt. Sorry dude. You are getting ZERO sympathy from me. 

He said he was hungry and wanted Zip's. I am not a fan of fast food, but was so famished at that point I wasn't going to complain.

I ordered the "Wrangler"- BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger and fries with tartar and fry sauce. 
Beverage- Diet Dr. Pepper.

I inhaled that sandwich in a couple of minutes. It was so bad for me, but tasted so good! After I am licking my fingers and shoving fries in my mouth my hubby says "I can't believe you ate a Wrangler...those things are HUGE!!!" Ha, guess he doesn't know me so well. I will eat anything after 24 miles. 

This run marked my best long run to date. With this run, I feel CONFIDENT, STRONG, & READY. 

Avg Pace



  1. So impressive!! Don't you love how your husband insists on doing it "his" way only to realize later he should have done it "your" way? Happens to me all the time! I like the colors of your outfit but if it doesn't make you feel like Desi running down the road better chuck it and find something else.:)

  2. Oh. My. Word!!!! You are amazing!! Awesome, awesome job!

  3. so so awesome!!! You are going to rock Eugene. Great job!!

  4. wow--what a badass run! You are going to rock your marathon. And I love it--you are always right! My husband needs to learn that about me, too.

  5. Nice long run! Wow, you are fassssst! I love the outfit you picked for Eugene and the sunglasses. Also, peanut butter flavored GU is my favorite. Happy tapering Tasha!

  6. You are one cute blonde that is definitely ready for Eugene! Wow, such a speedy training run. You are going to kick that marathon's a$$.

    And, of course, you are always right. At least you had a photographer with you. I don't know how many training runs I've been on with S where we get in a disagreement. It happens more often than not, and we usually go 10 miles or less. Haha.

  7. You killed that run! I am so impressed with your super fast run. Someday maybe a 24 miler will be that speedy for me. How awesome of your hubby to come along and keep you company, I bet that helped.

    I am so excited to hear all about Eugene! You are going to be AWESOME!

  8. WAY TO GO!! u should be really confident going into the race, by now u've done all the hard work and all u've gotta do is enjoy the 'reward' of busting ur bum for 26.2 miles...hehe. just kidding. :) really though, great job and looking forward to u kicking butt in OR! :)

  9. Wow! Thank you for all of your kind words! It means a lot to me to have so many inspiring woman encouraging me.

    I am excited and nervous for Eugene, but I feel prepared. The longer runs at MP were tough, but I think that it gave me a good indication of how my body will handle another 26.2.

    I am meeting my coach today so I am looking forward to seeing what his game plan for me will be. :-)

  10. Holy smokes, girl - look at your awesome run! You are going to do so fantastic in Eugene, so excited for you!!

    Yeah, I wore some Brooks top in Boston 2010 that was padded. Super weird and really bothered me the entire time. I only chose it because it had pockets for gels. Never again!

  11. You're amazing!! I can't wait to read about your marathon!


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