Friday, March 30, 2012

What it takes to keep me going....

What it takes to keep me going......

Thanks to Nicole at I Dream of Running I got to thinking about what I need on a daily basis to continue my training. I didn't realize that I needed so much stuff, but these products have become essential to my training routine. I tried to list website links for most of the items in case you want to check out the product for yourself. 

1. Protein powder for after hard runs or cross training sessions. I drink a protein shake EVERYDAY that I work out. I usually make it the day before and put it in the fridge so that it is ready when I am finished with my workout. I love to blend the protein powder with almond milk- sometimes I add a banana. 

2. Long runs usually really upset my stomach so I always pop a tums into my mouth as soon as I am done. This has helped me to avoid super bad tummy aches after long runs.

3. Clif Shots. I LOVE these!!! I take them in every run that is further than 8 miles.  Pictured are my favorite flavors. 

4. Pictured here are the best $500 I have ever spent. My Garmin 610 and my foot pod. The foot pod enables me to accurately track my treadmill runs which is huge for me since I spend a lot of time on the treadmill. I am obsessed with my GarminConnect account and upload all of my training runs. This enables me to keep track of my mileage and training run PRs. 

5. Kettle bells! I am a firm believer that cross training is a must and I love kettle bells because they give you a true full body workout. 

6. My CEP compression sleeves have been a great investment. I used to get leg cramps really bad during long runs and these have helped to curb them as well as help my legs recover quickly.

7. My daily multi vitamin and glucosamine. I just started to take glucosamine once a day since my chiropractor said I was starting to get arthritis in my left knee. I have been an on and off user of multi vitamins, but I am making more of a point to remember to take them every morning. 

8. The foam roller and stick are awesome!!!! I use a foam roller at least once, if not twice a day to roll out my legs. The Stick is great after a hard workout or long run too. 

9. nuun is pretty fantastic. I drink it during long runs and after. These are my favorite flavors that keep my hydrated.

10. I have oatmeal every single morning for breakfast. Sometimes I eat it plane, but a lot of times I add walnuts, almonds, and dried cranberries. I always have my sugar free almond milk in it. So yummy!

11. You can't go wrong with Brooks running shoes! I have worn the Adrenalines since 2002 and refuse to wear another brand! They work great for me and keep my knees and ankles from hurting. 

12. My treadmill has been a great investment for me. I am a morning runner, but it is too dark to venture outside before work so I use my treadmill a lot. Pictured is my old TM- I forgot to take a picture of Miss Trixie. 

13. My Amphipod Hydration belt has been a life saver on long training runs. I would never wear it in a race, but its nice to have on my 20 mile runs where nobody sets up water stations for me. :-)
You can read my review of my Amphipod Hydration belt here.

14. I am ADDICTED to Clif Mojo bars!!! They are my "candy" and I eat one at least everyday. My favorite flavor is the "white chocolate macadamia".  

15. Not pictured is my monthly massage.....

16. Also not pictured is my chiropractor, Dr. Ray. You can read about him on his website or on my blog



  1. great list! fun fact - we have the same fav flavors of nuun :) great minds think alike!

  2. Hmm this has me thinking about the things that keep me going, (I see a copy cat post coming up :) I discovered nuun last year and love strawberry lemonade and citrus fruits the most, but I will drink every flavor except banana happily.

    Mocha cliff shots are something I found this year that I adore!

    Treadmill is on my want list, too bad my kids just had a big dentist bill. .. :(

    1. I don't think I could drink banana either. Ick. Mocha used to be my favorite until I discovered PB GU. Now its my second favorite. I got a killer deal on my TM at Sears and Amazon has some good deals too.

  3. Hey! Not sure how I found your blog, I think because your in Spokane and I'm down here in Walla Walla. I'm also headed to Eugene for my second full kinda excited! And love love my CEP compression!

  4. I love your list of's cool to see the small differences that each of us runners use. I have different things I rotate around, a fuel belt or a Camelbak, depending on my mood.

    1. I tried a camelback when I trained for my first marathon, but I didn't like it. It rubbed my poor shoulders raw. :-(

  5. Awesome list! LOVE. So the footpod really works? I have the Nike watch and sensor for foot and that still doesnt work on the treadmill. Been wanting to switch to Garmin but afraid it wouldnt be reliable either. I LOVE the shot gels too and those are my fave too!!! :) Doesnt the raspberry taste like a middle of a jelly donut? :) Do you wear the compression during AND after? LOVE that we have such similar taste and practices :) You are inspiring me to do one of these as well altho its gonna look very very similar to yours :) Have a great rest of your sunday!

    1. Yes, the foot pod works great Michelle. I use it everyday. I love my Garmin! I didn't get the Nike watch because I don't like Nike shoes, but I know a lot of people that have them. The Garmin does cost more, but they are worth the price.

      I agree about the raspberry gel. So yummy!

      I wear my compression sleeves on hard workouts or runs of 10 plus miles. After long runs I will them around the house and usually the next day too.

      Hope you had a great day also :-)


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