Friday, March 23, 2012


I found this on pinterest the other day and loved it.

I have found that I have become as obsessed with pinterest as everyone else. I have multiple boards, but most of them are related to the general topics of inspiration, running, fitness activities, hobbies, food/beverages, and some fashion. What really got me hooked on pinterest was that dang "pin it" icon on my tool bar. Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously, that thing is bad news bears for me!

Moving back on topic...I loved this quote because I decided at the beginning of the year I wanted to make every workout, every race, every 4 am alarm clock, and every early night to bed worth it (you can read my 2012 goals here). 

I am currently learning a lot of stuff about my stuff while training for Eugene. I am learning that I need to: 

listen to my body more
be more flexible with my training plan
take a chill pill & relax
stretch out my muscles every opportunity I get
trust my instinct if something doesn't feel right
make time to actually take care of myself

I know that I am dreaming big, but someday, someday I want to break 3 hours in the marathon. I am saying someday, because it could take me years to accomplish this goal, or I might never break 3 hours. I can always dream big and try my absolute hardest and that is what I am doing now. This next year is the year of "me" and I will bring my "best" every time I lace up my running shoes- whether its a workout or a race, I will be pushing myself to be even better than before. #makeitcount

Questions for you:

How are you "making it count" this year?
What are your "dream big" goals? 
Have you stuck with your 2012 goals?



  1. I love that quote. I am also obsessed with pinterest lately. I am Ciry DG.

    How am I "making it count"? I am training for my second marathon (RnR Madrid). I am not skipping any workouts like I did for the NY Marathon last year. I even went for an 11-mile run last weekend while it was hailing. Yep, hailing in San Diego! I am working hard. My big goal is to finish this race in one piece. It's a very challenging course, very hilly. We'll see!

  2. I will have to search for you on pinterest in the morning. :-)

    You will do awesome at Madrid! I'm excited to hear about and see pictures. Have fun!!!!


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