Sunday, February 19, 2012

A milestone!

This week I ran 46 miles! I haven't ran that much since I was training for the Portland Marathon back in 2008 and that was probably the most I ran during that training period. I feel GREAT! My week has incorporated two workouts, but mostly easy runs keeping a pace between 8:00-8:30/miles. I am looking forward to the next couple weeks of training. Eugene is only 10 weeks away!

Today I woke up to snow and was really dreading heading outside to run 19 miles, but I couldn't have asked for a better run! I bundled up and wore 2 long sleeve dri fit shirts, and my awesome North Face gloves. I created a workout on my Garmin that I set for 19 miles and put my low pace at 8:30 and my high pace at 8:00 min. While I was running if I went too slow or too fast it beeped and told me that I wasn't on target. This is the first time that I have utilized this feature on my Garmin. It really helped me to stay in check!

While I was waiting for my oatmeal to settle (and dreading going outside) I made these yummy treats:

I substituted the vanilla fat free yogurt for the Kroger Vanilla Chai CARBmaster yogurt so technically my treats weren't fat free. I also made them in 12 pan muffin tin because the box said that the mix would make 12 servings. It decreased my baking time by about 6 minutes and created good portion control.

I decided to do two things I typically don't do on a long run:
1. I listened to music on my cell phone
2. I drank this 15 minutes before I headed out the door:

I personally thought that it tasted disgusting! About 1-2 miles into my run I actually felt like I was going to throw up and could only taste the Gatorade Prime in my mouth. Yep, I think that was the first and last time drinking it. 

I actually enjoyed listening to my music. I typically don't bring it with me, but my husband has been all over me about not bringing my cell phone with me on long runs. I figured that since my music was already on my phone it wouldn't hurt to listen to it....


This run was also a first long run where I only consumed 1 Clif gel, and I probably didn't even need it. I am not sure if I only needed 1 because the Gatorade Prime helped me or not.  I usually would have taken 2 on a 19 miler in the past. I took one Amphipod water bottle with me and I only sipped from it 3 times, that is another first. 

As soon as I got home I made a protein smoothie with Vanilla Chai CARBmaster yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and mocha protein powder. It was delish!

Then I proceeded to warm up my "sans" guilt free brownie and topped it with fat free whipped cream. YUM! It was a treat well earned!!!

After I stuffed my face in a span of less than 10 minutes I took my first ever ice bath. I wasn't a fan of this. It hurt more than running 19 miles! This new recovery process will take some getting used too!

Questions for you:

Do you treat yourself after a long run?
Love music on long runs or hate it?
Do you typically take an ice bath after a long run?
Like Gatorade Prime or hate it? 



  1. I enjoy treating myself after a long run :)
    Music is sometimes great and sometimes not for me.
    I have never taken an ice bath, not sure I desire to, I have done the hot/cold therapy thing in the shower, not sure if it helped or not.
    Never tried Gatorade prime, doesn't look too good. I have used Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer in Acai Berry and I did like that.

    1. Treats are good! I usually don't treat myself, but I figure its worth it now. You might start taking an ice bath when you begin marathon training :-)

  2. - Definitely treat myself to something fun after a long run...usually, it's cuz I'm so starving a few hours after and think I deserve it - haha.
    LOVE music - always!
    - Rarely ice bath anymore until I'm really hot and sweaty in the summer. I just read an article that stated an ice bath doesn't necessarily really help like we thought it once did. Maybe it's just a personal preference. :)
    - Gatorade upsets my stomach, I ran rarely drink the stuff.

    I LOVE Carbmaster yogurt...tons cheaper than Greek Yogurt and has the same protein - and still yummy :). Love the idea of the brownies using it, I will have to try that one!

    1. Good info about the ice bath! How can something so painful be helpful? Lol.
      The CARBmaster yogurt is amazing! Glad to know someone else likes it too. My new favorite flavor is the white chocolate raspberry. So yummy!

  3. I am excited to see how your mileage increase will help your running girl. If you're as fast as you are now off of the mileage you ran then WOW, watch out here comes Tasha! :) I can listen to music but I've really been enjoying not having it. I've never even heard of Gatorade prime.

    1. I was a little nervous about the mileage, but I feel pretty good. I don't think I will run much over 50 a week for the time being. I think the easier paced runs have been helpful and get me moving.

      I wouldn't recommend the prime. Yuck! Saw it at Fred's and I'm glad I only bought one!

  4. Great running week Tasha! As far as the Gatorade prime, I've tried it a few times before long runs and I haven't had any problems with might take some getting use to but it does help! I use to listen to music but, my dog and my surroundings keep me focused where I just phased out the tunes.
    Ha, and as far as ice baths go...I don't think I'll be trying that for a while. cold.

    1. Thanks Donna! Glad to know you like the prime. Maybe it just takes some getting used to?

  5. Nicely done!

    I've only done ice baths after 15+ long runs or speed sessions where my lower legs were feeling tender. I have to admit they weren't as bad as I was expecting, & I did feel like they helped some with soreness in the days that followed (though I have no objective evidence for that & could totally be just placebo effect).


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