Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am absolutely devastated right now. I received an email last night from the club that I work out at that my Skinny Jeans class was no longer being offered- effectively immediately. I was both stunned and confused. I was definitely not expecting this notice. At first I thought that it was a joke, a really bad joke. I don't really want to get into the details, it's really none of my business, however, the club made a VERY BAD DECISION. Amy Black did something for the club that nobody else could have done.

People might think that I am being overly dramatic. There are other trainers out there, BUT I truly think that Amy Black is the best trainer out there. I don't want another trainer, I want Amy. Amy knows how I tick and she knows how to push me. She has inspired me and pushed me to a level that I never thought I could be capable of. I have been working out with her for a year and was looking forward to this next year. Ironically, this week was the SJ one year anniversary. I started on the second day class was offered so my anniversary will be on Sunday- the same day that I will be running the Houston 1/2 marathon. One year ago I weighed 165.4 lbs- I came to Amy broken, sad, depressed, and very out of shape. In one year I lost over 30 inches with her and became the strongest that I have ever been before. She coached me through my marathon and countless PRs. She helped me with my nutrition and got me back on track. More importantly Amy helped me to gain more self confidence and become a healthier person. It worries me that I won't be able to accomplish the rest of my goals on my own. I am worried that I won't be able to maintain the level of fitness that I have now or motivate myself.

Yes, I am devastated, but I am trying to be as positive as I can. As soon as we get back from Houston I am going to invest in some more equipment for my at home gym. I am also hoping that by having some kettlebells and weights at home, my hubby will be more likely to workout as well (fingers crossed!)

Questions for you:

How do you motivate yourself when it comes to cross training?

Any good fitness DVDs that you would recommend?

What do you have in your home gym?



  1. That stinks! It is crappy that something that has been so integral to your fitness is gone, I'm sorry. You could try the workouts, I love them.

  2. wait....why can't you hire her to train you one on one?

  3. Ugh...that sucks. It's super annoying to lose something that you felt was really working for you.

    I was also going to ask if maybe you can hire her privately. Worth looking into, maybe?

  4. I am going to let the dust settle first. I am on vacation now and won't be back until next weekend. In the meantime, my partner in workout crime, is doing everything she can to keep the workouts going AND hopefully my trainer will find a new gym to train at or I can ask her to train me on the side. I have learned in the last 24 hours that a bunch of men should NOT F**K with a group of women who love their trainer. :-)

  5. So sorry to hear Tasha. I hope you can get something worked out so you can still train with her. Have a great weekend and enjoy your vacation :)


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