Friday, December 2, 2011

What to wear, what to wear...

According to Weatherbug the weather during CIM should be something like this:

Looking pretty good!

Usually I am the person who has their race day outfit picked out weeks before my race. This time around I was stumped about what to wear. A marathon is a long way to run in something uncomfortable. I am firm believer that nothing you wear on race day should be new. I really wanted to wear my bright neon Brooks top, however, it doesn't have pockets to put my gels in. I am not running with my gels in my hand and putting them inside a sports bra is a HUGE NO NO. Been there, done that and it wasn only over 13.1 miles. Can't imagine what would happen at 26.2 miles.

Over the last week I have tried on countless outfits, trying to pick the perfect combo of practical, comfortable and cute. This is what I came up with:

Pink NIKE shorts, black compressions sleeves, top, visor and arm sleeves if necessary

This is my 2nd outfit "just in case" I need it. Pink NIKE top, Black NIKE capris, compression sleeves, visor and arm sleeves if necessary

Tuesday night I made a stop at good 'ole Value Village on my way home from work. I was looking for some "throw away" warm up clothes that I could wear to the start and then toss. This is what I found:

Purple long sleeve shirt, black sweat pants and socks to keep my hands warm (thanks for that tid bit of advice Angie!!)

Pretty sure I will be fine with "tossing" these.....



  1. Both outfits are super cute!!

  2. You'll look great in either outfit! Good luck BFF! <3

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to read ALL about it!! I tried posting a comment the other day but it wouldn't let me!


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