Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back to normal....sort of

I felt like sh*t the Monday after CIM. I didn't get home until almost 10:30 pm Sunday night and still managed to crawl out of bed and get to work by 7:30. I must have looked like crap for the amount of people that told me to go home, but I didn't. I stuck it out and made it through the day.

After work on Monday I treated myself to a massage. I normally like deep tissue, but not on this day. My calf muscles were so tight- it hurt just to touch them. The massage made me feel better. Great thinking on my part to schedule it the day after CIM. I will make a special note here, that I have the best massage therapist. She is awesome!

Tuesday was the worst day. I knew that it would be. I was shuffling along pretttttttty sloooooooow. I knew that if I wasn't up and moving that it would make it worse so I gritted my teeth and kept shuffling. I didn't make it to class Tuesday morning. I wasn't feeling up to rigorous activity yet.

Wednesday I started to feel more like myself. I even went to spin class for the first time since July. It was great. Well the instructor wasn't the best, but it was good to be moving.

On Thursday I made it to class. My shins and calves were still a little sore, but completely bearable. FLAB had put together a pretty cool workout. I had received an email a few days before asking if we were ready for the 500 workout...500 workout? More on the 500 workout to come, but it was a blast. Or at least I had a blast. :-)

I was really looking forward to Friday because it was going to be my first day running since CIM. I had planned on running 3-4 easy miles around my 'hood. I say "planned" loosely, but I had high hopes of at least running 2-3 miles. Well, lets just say my plan didn't go as planned. I barely made it 1 mile. Yep, I ran 1 mile and it took me 9 minutes & 12 seconds. And it hurt. My right calf was not cooperating. I hobbled back to my house trying not to feel sorry for myself.

Pre run....feeling optimistic and excited to RUN

Later that night, I had a fun excuse to get all dressed up and go to the SJ Christmas Party. Its always fun to get dressed up and hang out with my workout partners in crime. We are so used to seeing each other sans makeup and fancy clothes that sometimes we hardly recognize each other. Like FLAB said, we are a HOT bunch when we clean up. :-)

Saturday morning I was up early to hit up FLAB's spin class. Spin twice in 1 week is awesome. I really, really missed spin class! The rest of the day was a total drag. I slept 90% of the day. I must have been coming off my "marathon high" or something. I was exhausted! Whenever I would make any sort of an effort to be productive, I just fell back asleep. Needless to say, spin was the most that I accomplished all day.

I had pretty high hopes to go running on Sunday. It was a bit chilly outside so I decided to hit up my treadmill. Worst case scenario if I wasn't able to run far, at least I wouldn't have to hobble home in the 20 degree weather. I took the first mile pretty slow and felt no pain. The second mile went pretty good too! Before I knew it I had ran 8 miles in 60 minutes. I felt great!



  1. Glad you are almost back to normal. Scheduling a massage after the marathon was quite smart, I will have to remember that after my half (since it's my first I'm sure I'll be scary sore) in January. You obviously needed the rest if you slept most of the day Sunday, but your comeback run yesterday sounds like it was great.

  2. Yay for normality!! (not sure if normality is a word but it sounded fun to say) Glad your feeling better :)


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