Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 8

The weather has defintely changed in Spokane. Snow will be coming any day now and I will be bundled up like a snowman until at least April. It is always a brutal change from summer running to winter running. I only forget to layer up once! I am hoping that we don't get a lot of snow this year, yak traks are no fun to run in. They hurt my feet, but at least I don't fall. :-)

Monday: Off

Tuesday: SJ Class

Wednesday: Tempo day (I switched this week). Wednesday was gorgeous and I figured with the predicted snowfall it might be my last night to run after work. I had 12 miles to run, 10 miles @ tempo pace. It was a great run and I am so thankful that I got to run it outside. I had a 10 mile tempo PR of 3:29. I was pretty pleased with that. Official tempo time was 1:12:18. My 2 mile WU was 17:53.

Thursday: SJ Class

Friday: Intervals! This was the day that my less than 4 month old Garmin 210 decided to die on me so I had to rely on what the treadmill said....I hope that it was as accurate as possible.

WU- 2.38 miles in 22 min
1600 #1- 6:12
400 meter recovery
1600 #2- 6:03
400 meter recovery
1600 #3- 6:00
CD- 1.62 miles in 13:51

These were all faster than the last time I had 3*1600 meter repeats on 9.14.11. Those were about a 6:08 pace.

Friday night we went to dinner for both of our birthdays. I had the most amazing blackened fish tacos and pumpkin bisque soup. So yummy!

My pumpkin bisque soup came in a little pumpkin! It was soooooo good!

Saturday: Off. I got a massage- it was great. I am glad that my massage therapist said that my back wasn't as bad as before. I have been sleeping on a different bed and also making more of a point to make sure I am sitting more upright. I am hoping that it continues to improve. I am getting one more massage before CIM on 11.19. I am already looking forward to it!

Saturday night I threw a surprise bday party for my hubby! Of course he had to show up early, but he was still surprised and it was a lot of fun. After that he took me to get my bday present....You will never guess what he got me!

Sunday: 15 miles in 1:53:00. I got a super late start because Cam's flag football team had 2 games. One was at 9:15 am and the the second was at 1:15 pm. It was too chilly (in my opinion) to run in the morning so I opted to run after his second game. It was still f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!! I almost ran back to my house to get mittens. I decided not too, but next time I won't leave home without them. Towards the end of my run, I started cramping a bit, but it wasn't bad. I ran negative splits so I was pleased with that.

There was ice on the football field....BRRRRR!

This was my first workout with my new Garmin (still thinking of a bestie has suggested "Gracie"). I absolutely love my new watch! My favorite part about it is that it beeps/vibrates at each mile marker. Sometimes it has hard to hear with just a beep, especially when you are running around traffic. My next favorite thing about it is that it is wireless so I don't need to plug it into my computer. It came with a device that looks like a thumb drive that you can leave in your computer. It picks up your workouts from your watch and uploads them to Garmin Connect.

The Garmin wireless device

Overall a great week!!!! :-)

My 3 positive things for the week...

#1 Great outside running weather!
#2 My Garmin broke before CIM and REI was great about replacing it
#3 My hubby bought me the best birthday present ever....more on that later ;-)

Total weekly mileage: 34



  1. Awesome week! Was just talking to my friend about the change in weather and getting used to being SO cold all day! Even after I take my hot shower, I'm having the hardest time warming back up - crazy!

  2. That soup looks so YUMMY! Like REALLY yummy! I don't think I've ever had pumpkin soup.
    What a fantastic week you had!

  3. Way to go on all your runs!! You really are an inspiration to me :) That pumpkin soup does look tasty!!


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