Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spending time with my girls

It is so easy to get wrapped up into training and not think about the little things in life that make everyday so special. Since my husband and I don't have kids, we have our 2 King Charles pups, Tia & Maisy. They seriously make me smile everyday. I might be mildly, just mildly obsessed with them.

I took them for a walk at Manito Park this past Monday. We had a blast! Of course I had to take some photos, especially with all of the beautiful fall colors. There favorite things to do are going to Manito and going to Sbux. They really aren't spoiled, I swear.

All bundled up and ready to go to Manito!

So much to sniff, so little time.....

Photo op on a park bench. Maisy was watching a runner, haha.

Tia looking beautiful as usual :-)




  1. So stinking cute!! And I heard about your workout tonight. INcredible girl!! Wow!!

  2. Absolutely adorable little pups!! I wanted a Pomeranian but then I got pregnant and had my lil bean, so someday I will have a fluffy little pom and maybe she can be friends with your pups :)

  3. Thanks, I think my girlies are pretty cute too. They are so fun! Tia is a total princess and loves to be pampered and Maisy is my crazy little tom boy. Maisy is the one who keeps my hubby and I on our toes. :-)


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