Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

I love so many things about Fall. One of my favorite parts of this wonderful season is PUMPKINS. I love all things pumpkin. Lattes, pancakes, pie, cheesecake, decorating- you name it! I recently came across a recipe for pumpkin soup in my latest edition of Women's Health magazine. I figured since it was pumpkin it had to be good. The picture in the magazine was mouth watering- I knew that I had to make this soup ASAP.

On my weekly trip to the grocery store I double checked that I would have everything to make my soup. I actually didn't need to buy very much to round out the ingredients. I omitted the roasted peanuts because I figured that the peanut butter would add enough flavor.

The soup was surprisingly easy to pull together. It took about 20 minutes from start to finish.

I thought that the most difficult part of the recipe was transferring the boiling hot soup from the stove into my blender to puree. I made a double batch so my pan was rather heavy and it was hot. It was hard to keep from spilling all over my kitchen counter, but I managed to succeed.

The soup turned out amazing. It was so delicious that I wanted to lick my bowl clean and I wanted to lick my pan and all utensils used to create this magnificent tasting soup. I ate 1/2 of my soup without the sour cream topping and 1/2 with the topping. The sour cream was good, but didn't make or break the soup. I also didn't add the scallions as a garnishment. I didn't think it would be necessary to add scallions when I am all about the pumpkin flavor. What made this soup so great (besides it being pumpkin) was the fact that it was healthy, warm, creamy and super filling. Even though I wanted to lick my bowl and utensils clean, I was full after my serving. It was the perfect way to end a flustered, cold & rainy Monday. Since I made a double batch, I am looking forward to having my pumpkin soup for dinner and/or lunch for the rest of this week. Yummmmm.

Without the sour cream topping (Doesn't this look amazing & delicious???!!!)

With the sour cream topping

Since I am far too lazy to type out the recipe and nutritional information here is the link for it online:

They did have other pumpkin recipes that looked quite tasty also. I think I might make the Pumpkin And Shiitake Risotto with Crispy Sage next. Minus the Shiitake mushrooms (YUCK!).



  1. Looks super tasty!! :p I'm just like you, I LOVE PUMPKIN...MMMM I think I'll go pick a Womens Health Magazine up :)

  2. It is to die for! I posted the link to the recipe if you want it without the magazine. Even though the magazine is always good- just wished I didn't read it in one sitting.

  3. okay, YES Please...but someone else can cook it for me and then I will eat it! :)


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